How Fast Do Golf Carts Go? | Ultimate Guide with Examples

How fast do golf carts go

Since golf carts have become the vehicle of choice in most gated communities and on the street, in addition to golf courses, it is essential to learn more about them. For instance, how fast do golf carts go? Do 36V and 48V have the same top speed? What is the speed limit for the streel-legal golf cart? 

Considering all this detail ensures you drive the golf cart within safe and legal limits. At the end of the article, you will have a clear understanding of your golf cart’s speed limit. 

So, How Fast Do Golf Carts Go?

Golf cart Speed

Typically, standard golf carts (both electric and gas-powered) have an average speed of 12-14 miles per hour (19.3 to 24 kph) on a golf course. 

No matter how high-end the model, golf carts operate under 25 mph. That is why these are labeled low-speed vehicles and allowed on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph. 

How fast a golf cart goes also depends on its usability. For instance, if you use it for hauling or climbing a hill, you will need more force or torque. While on the street, you will prefer more speed. 

Important Note:
Torque is the rotational force of the motor, whereas speed is the motor’s rotation rate. These are inversely proportional. It might be difficult to understand but don’t worry. You will clearly understand in the example given below. 

When a golf cart is going uphill, it will require more rotational force— torque. The cart’s speed is lower as the motor produces more power to overcome gravitational resistance. 

Here is the list of golf carts of different brands with varying seating capacity and their average corresponding top speed:  

Club Car Top Speed

Club CarNo. of SeatsTop Speed
Club Car Onward 2219 MPH (31 KMH)
Club car Onward Lifted618 MPH (28.9 KMH)

E-Z-GO Golf Carts Top Speed

E-Z-GO Golf CartsNo. of SeatsTop Speed
E-Z-GO Liberty619.5 MPH (31.4 KMH)
E-Z-GO Valor219 MPH (31 KMH)

Yamaha Golf Carts Top Speed

Yamaha Golf CartsNo. of SeatsTop Speed
Yamaha Drive 2 (PTV)419 MPH (31 KMH)
Yamaha Umax One219.5 MPH (31.4 KMH)

Can A 48 Volt Cart Outrun A 36 Volt Cart?

Before discussing the average speed of 36 or 48 volts golf carts, it is better to understand the voltage itself. 

Technically, voltage is the potential distance between two points in a static field. Or the amount of work it takes to move a test charge between two major points. The more voltage a system has, the more power it can generate. 

Returning to whether a 48V cart is faster than a 36V cart, the answer is that both have the same top speed. Higher voltage doesn’t affect how fast carts go. The only difference is the amount of power or torque they offer.  

A 48V golf cart gives the engine more torque and acceleration. Thus, suitable for hilly and uneven terrain compared to the 36V cart. Additionally, the 48V cart has more batteries (eight 6V batteries) and can travel longer distances. 

So, 48V and 36V carts have the same speed. However, the former has more advantages than the latter. 


Golf Cart Speed | Electric vs. Gas-Powered

Another confusion many people have is that gas-powered golf carts are faster than electric ones. However, that’s not the case. Both electric and gas-powered carts have no difference in speed. They have the same top speed of 12-14 mph without modification. 

The only difference is that electric golf carts will slow down when the batteries are near the end. Other than that, you won’t feel any change in the speed between them.

How Fast Do Golf Carts Go On Streets?

As discussed earlier, golf carts can operate on roads. In many states, these carts are considered low-speed vehicles and can run on roads having a speed limit of 35 mph. 

Street-legal golf carts require various modifications, such as headlights, windscreen, horn, and VIN numbers. 

Some people also upgrade the tires, motor, batteries, and engine and adjust the controller to boost the speed. After the modification, the golf cart can go as fast as 25-30 mph. 

How to Make Golf Carts Go Faster

Golf Carts Go Faster

You can change how fast your golf carts go. Many modifications are available for both gas and battery-powered carts. 

To increase the speed of the electric golf cart, you have to do the following:

  • Bigger Tires
  • Replace the motors
  • Add higher-powered batteries

As for gas-powered carts, you can adjust the governor— a structure that controls fuel flow into the engine. By adjusting it, you can increase the amount of fuel entering the engine. 

Final Thoughts 

Standard golf carts have a top speed of 14 mph. Voltage and cart type can affect the torque but not the speed. With the right modifications, your cart can go up to 25-30 mph. 

Remember, driving with the recommended speed is better, as these carts don’t have the best safety features.

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