How Many Batteries Are in a Golf Cart?

how many batteries are in a golf cart

The electric golf cart relies on multiple batteries as its power source. But how many batteries are in a golf cart? 

Golf carts normally operate on 36 volts or 48 volts and are powered by a combination of batteries. Typically, golf carts have 4 to 6 batteries. In some cases, you may find golf carts with 8 batteries, but it is very rare. 

While using fewer high-voltage batteries may save costs, it’s not always the best option. In this article, we’ll discuss how to determine how many batteries are in a golf cart requires for a specific voltage system and more. So, stick with us.

How to Determine Voltage of Golf Cart

You’re likely familiar with the general appearance of batteries. Each battery has negative and positive terminals, and in between these, a set of vent caps—also known as cell caps. 

These are used to check and maintain water and acid levels. These caps also allow the gases to escape that are formed during charging.

To determine the voltage of your golf cart battery, follow these simple steps:

  • Locate the batteries. Usually, you’ll find them under the seat.
  • Count the caps on each battery. Most batteries have 3, 4, or 6 holes/cells.
  • Each cell has a 2-volt rating. Add up all the cells’ voltage ratings to get the overall battery voltage.

For example, 6V batteries have 3 cells, and 8V batteries have 4 cells. So, if your golf cart has six batteries, each with 3 cells, the total voltage will be 36 volts.

How Many Batteries Are in a Golf Cart?

Voltage determines how many batteries a golf cart needs. Golf carts usually have 36-volt or 48-volt systems and require 3, 6, or 8 batteries.

The number of batteries in a golf cart can vary depending on the manufacturer and the model. Some golf carts may have more or fewer batteries depending on their configuration. 

Generally, golf carts use 6V batteries. So, a 36-volt system will require six 6V batteries. On the other hand, a 48-volt system will have eight 6V batteries

Electric golf carts can also be powered by 8V and 12V batteries. For a 48-volt system, you will need six 8V batteries and four 12V batteries. 

High-voltage golf carts generally show better performance and speed than the lower-voltage ones. For instance, a golf cart powered by 48 volts exhibits more torque than one powered by 36 volts. 

But it comes with an increased cost since high voltage requires the power backup of more batteries. 

The battery must also be compatible with the golf configuration and voltage. Providing the golf cart with the right batteries will ensure good performance

How to Figure Out How Many Batteries Are in a Golf Cart

You must know how many batteries you need for the new battery installation or replacement. You should consider the following things to make sure to determine the number of batteries required for your golf cart: 

  • Seek Help From Manual User Guide: Reading the manual guide might be a good start, as the manufacturer provides detailed information. You will know how many batteries this cart requires and what configuration, and how many batteries are in a golf cart will give better performance.
  • Check compartments: If your manual guide isn’t friendly, you can check the number of compartments within the golf cart. Generally, most of the carts have 6-8 compartments for battery installation. Simple. 
  • Check the voltage: Battery number depends on voltage. A golf cart with a 36-volt system typically has six batteries with a 6-volt voltage each. Similarly, golf carts with 48-volt systems typically have eight batteries.
  • Check the wiring: If you still need to figure it out, check the battery wiring. It is recommended to connect each battery in series, with the positive terminal of one relating to the negative terminal of the next. That means you can number-check your batteries by counting the series in connection. 

Can You Use Three 12 Volts Batteries in a Golf Cart

Yes, we can use it, but it is not a safer option, nor do the experts recommend it. 

For 36-volt or 48-volt systems, golf carts typically use 6 or 8 batteries in series.

With just three 12-volt batteries, a golf cart could run on 36 volts. However, the golf cart’s performance significantly reduces with fewer batteries. In addition to this, using golf cart batteries from different brands is another limitation. Avoid doing this, as it further decreases the durability and performance of the golf carts. 

The Best you can do is to consider manufacturer recommendations in the: 

  • Type 
  • Quantity 
  • Configuration choice

Considering this recommendation, you can ensure optimal performance. You can also seek out the help of a certified golf cart technician. 

How to Change Six 6 Volt Batteries to Three 12 Volt Batteries

Converting a golf cart battery system from six 6-volt batteries to three 12-volt batteries is a standard upgrade that can simplify the battery installation process and make it easier to maintain the batteries.

Here are the general steps to follow for changing six 6-volt batteries to three 12-volt batteries:

  1. Remove the existing six 6-volt batteries from the golf cart.
  2. Install battery hold-downs or brackets that are designed for three 12-volt batteries.
  3. Connect the three 12-volt batteries in parallel by connecting the positive terminal of one battery to the positive terminal of the next battery and the negative terminal of one battery to the negative terminal of the next storm.
  4. Install battery cables that are compatible with 12-volt batteries.
  5. Install a voltage reducer if the golf cart’s electrical system requires a voltage output lower than 12 volts.

It’s essential to note that converting a golf cart battery system from six 6-volt batteries to three 12-volt batteries may require additional modifications depending on the specific make and model of the golf cart. You can also seek out the help of a certified golf cart technician or use a manual guide. 

How to Choose Golf Cart Batteries

One must consider several factors while going for a golf cart’s battery. The most important factors include: 

Voltage/ Power 

The voltage and power of the battery make a significant difference in the battery choice. It is entirely dependent on the power requirement of the golf cart batteries die quickly. Once you know the golf cart’s power supply needs, your battery choice of batteries in a golf cart is halfway made. 

As stated above, golf carts run best at a supply of 36-48 volts. 


The next important thing is the battery capacity which means how much potential a battery holds within itself to deliver uninterrupted power. Golf cart batteries work best at amp-power supply, i.e., energy per hour. Better the amp power, the better the performance. 


You can not assure performance with compromised quality. Higher-quality batteries deliver uninterrupted power. Plus, it also saves uncertain shutdowns. 

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Golf cart batteries are the essential component of Golf carts. Generally, they work optimally in the presence of 6-8 batteries providing the needed voltage. If you are considering purchasing a battery for your golf cart, consider its voltage, quality, and capacity. 

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