Do Golf Carts Have VIN Numbers (How Do You Identify It)?

do golf carts have vin numbers

When you purchase a new golf cart, you’re curious about its model, type, where, and when it’s manufactured. This information is crucial for your golf cart’s performance and longevity. All this information is combined/hidden in a 17-digit alphanumeric code (VIN code or VIN numbers) which is essential for you as a buyer. 

But how do you get this information if you don’t have it? Worry not; in this blog post, I’ll tell you, “Do golf carts have VIN numbers?” And how you can identify this unique code.

Serial Numbers Vs. Vin Number

The difference between these two numbers is illustrated in the below table:

Serial Numbers VIN Numbers
It’s an identifier that’s assigned by a manufacturer to a specific product. It’s a comprehensive identifier for a manufacturer of a road vehicle. 
It consists of 7 to 10 characters or either in some golf carts 18 to 20 characters long. It consists of 17 characters. 
It’s specifically used for warranty and inventory tracking purposes only. It’s used for vehicle identification like vehicle type,  model, manufacture date, etc. 
It consists of either letters or numbers.It consists of both letters and numbers. 
It’s not used for road vehicles.It’s mostly used for road vehicles. 
It’s used under the manufacturer’s system.It’s used for legal purposes, compliance, and registration.
It can’t be used for tracing vehicle history.It’s used for tracing all over data of a vehicle. 

Does A Golf Cart Have A Vin Number?

The standard golf carts do not have a VIN code (vehicle identification number); only they have serial numbers. It consists of an alphanumeric code as well as a serial number. The VIN codes are designed explicitly for road-only vehicles. If you want to drive a golf cart on roads or public places, you need to register your vehicle and follow all the rules your government or state has for vehicles. 

Regular golf carts don’t require permission or registration from a state; they are only used or run in private places on a golf course. Remember that you should have the necessary documents when you drive a Do golf carts have VIN numbers on public roads? These documents include a VIN code, registration form, and legal authority permission. 

How Do You Identify A Vin Number On Your Golf Cart?

When you give your cart for repair or sell a golf cart, you need your cart VIN number. But how do you identify where a VIN number in your golf cart is located and the long golf cart’s battery? The VIN code is in front of the driver’s seat on the dashboard. The best way to search for code is to stand outside the vehicle on the driver’s side and then on the dashboard (at the end of the windshield). Another way is to open the driver seat door and look at the door latches when closed. 

But still, you’re confused about its other specifications, such as year, model, color, company, etc., once you find the VIN code on your vehicle. Here I will share with you the breakdown of a VIN code. 

Breakdown of a VIN code

As you know, VIN codes are 17 digits long, and each number has a specific meaning. This code is categorized into 3 groups. 

These are:

  • World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) 
  • Vehicle Description Section (VDS) 
  • Vehicle Identifier Section (VDI)

You can read the Do golf carts have VIN numbers in the following way. Each digit illustration is given below:

  • The first digit indicates where the vehicle was built. 
  • The second digit indicates who manufactured the vehicle as well as the region it was manufactured. 
  • The third digit indicates the vehicle type and the manufacturing division. 
  • The fourth to ninth digit lies in the VDS section. The fourth digit indicates body, brand, engine, and series and model types. This is your VIN code. The ninth digit is your vehicle security code.  
  • The tenth to seventeen digits falls under the VDI section. The tenth digit indicates the manufacturer year of your vehicle. The eleventh digit indicates which plant is assembled in your vehicle. 
  • The last twelve to seventeen digits are the serial numbers of your vehicle. 

How To Find The Vin Code On Different Golf Carts?

Now you know the answer, “Do golf carts have VIN numbers?”. You might be curious how to find the VIN code on golf carts such as EZGO, Yamaha, and club cart golf carts.  

  • EZ-GO Golf Cart

If you need help finding the VIN code on EZ-GO golf carts. Then there are three primary places you can search for it. You can search either on the steering column. The glove box is in front of the passenger side. On the body, the right under the legs of the driver. I hope you can find your code by searching these locations.  

  • Club Car Golf Cart

If you have a regular club car, it only has a serial number. But if you register your cart as a road vehicle, it has Do golf carts have VIN numbers? You can search for club car serial numbers in these places. You can search for the code in the passenger side glove box, under the driver seat, or sitting in the driver seat and looking at the frame. It must have a serial number. 

  • Yamaha Golf Cart

You can find the Yamaha golf cart VIN number in one of these places. On the frame, underneath the rear bumper. Second, is the floorboard intersection, the engine compartment under the seat, and the glove box on the driver’s side.

How To Register Your Golf Cart For Road Use?

There is a simple but technical way to register your golf cart for road use. Here’s how you can register your cart:

  • Firstly, start researching what road vehicle rules and regulations are implemented in your area. You can also go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to learn about their registration process for road vehicles. 
  • Next, check that your golf cart is protected and follows all the protocols of road use. 
  • Next, check whether or not your administrator requires insurance coverage for your golf cart riding on the road if it’s needed to perform insurance coverage actions for your road vehicle. 
  • Now gather all the information or necessary documents for registration, such as ownership proof, vehicle information, valid driver’s license, and other essential documents. 
  • Now submit your application for registration in the DMV department. Pay the required fee (if any).
  • Now get your registration license, and you’re ready to drive your cart on the roads. 

👉 Are golf carts street-legal?

How Important Are Vin Numbers For Golf Carts? 

golf carts with VIN number

VIN numbers are very crucial for lots of reasons. It’s not about being stuck with the road only; there are other reasons too. 

  • You can quickly drive your golf carts on the public road without any fear of not having authoritative permission if you have a VIN code. 
  • At the time when you register your golf cart, all of its parts receive the same number. It means that your cart can be easily identified or tracked if it gets lost or stolen.  
  • It’s helpful when you sell or send your cart for maintenance services. 
  • It’s also constructive for insurance purposes. 

What If You Can’t Find Your VIN Number?

Remember that all Do golf carts have VIN numbers because VIN numbers are only assigned to road-only vehicles. The general carts don’t have VIN codes. Instead, they have serial numbers. When the manufacturer designs a golf cart, they only assign a serial number. After that, when a golf cart owner registers their cart as a public cart or road vehicle, they set a valid VIN number. If you can’t find your code, you can find it on the manufacturer’s site or where you purchase it. 

Sum Up 

VIN numbers are only assigned to your cart for safety and tracking purposes. It’s essential that every golf owner or vehicle owner legally use their vehicles on roads and be well aware of their country’s laws for driving vehicles on the streets. It benefits you and your country from illegal activities. So do golf carts have VIN numbers? You can read the above blog to get your answer. 


Q1: What kind of VIN code does a golf cart have?

Golf carts contain LSV (low-speed vehicles) and Non-LSV(low-speed vehicles). But only LSV vehicles have VIN codes because they are specific for road use only. 

Q2: Do Golf Carts Have Titles?

Yes, golf carts have titles (legal documents) that ensure you’re your vehicle’s rightful owner. These titles help you in many ways, such as registration, insurance, sale, and resale purposes. 

Q3: Is it illegal to remove a VIN plate?

Yes, it’s illegal to remove a VIN plate from your cart. Because it may seem inappropriate or you didn’t follow the laws of using vehicles on roads. 

Q4: Do all golf carts have VIN numbers?

No, all Do golf carts have VIN numbers; only road or LSV vehicles contain VIN codes. 

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