Golf Cart Governors: A Complete Guide

Golf Cart Governors

Most golf cart owners love to take a casual ride on their golf cart while spending quality time on the golf course (green fairways). But sometimes, they desire to go faster and experience a little more speed and exhilaration. Although that desire is understandable, some factors affect your cart’s speed.

One crucial factor that governs the speed and performance of your cart is the “golf cart governors.” This device may seem like a roadblock to your need for the cart’s speed. But that’s not the truth. 

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through what’s a golf cart, how to adjust and remove it, and how to fasten your golf cart’s speed.

What Is A Golf Cart Governor?

Every golf cart has an engine, and near it, a thick wire covered with spring that’s a governor. It’s used to control the golf cart’s speed. It ensures that its limit doesn’t exceed the recommended speed limit. If the speed limit increases, there are chances that your cart engine might damage and harm other components. That’s a security gear that’s built into your cart. One thing to note is that governors are placed in different places based on your cart model and type. Also, only gas-powered golf carts contain governors; the electric golf carts have a speed limiter to control their limit. 

How Does A Golf Cart Governor Work?

The golf cart governor controls the throttle mechanism, which controls the motor’s fuel or electrical current supply. Electric carts restrict the amount of voltage or current supplied to the motor. In contrast, gas-powered carts limit the maximum number of revolutions per minute (RPM) the engine can make. Governor prohibits the cart from exceeding the safe speed limits set by the manufacturer by imposing these limitations.

What Are The Steps For Adjusting EZGO Governors?

To adjust the EZ GO golf cart governor, I’ll discuss the 4-stroke model, which is highly popular among all golf cart models. It has a top speed of 15 miles per hour (mph), and adjusting means adding 7 to 8 miles per hour at a faster speed. But it depends on the model you have. The adjusting process only takes a few minutes – here’s how you can adjust them.

Step 1:  Firstly, remove the seat cushions under which the engine is hidden. You may have to unscrew the seats in Phillip’s head shape on the latest cart model. So, ensure that to unscrew it, you have a toolset available. 

Step 2: Here, you’ll find a black plastic cover. It contains five screws; you need to remove all the screws from the cover with the help of a screwdriver. In case you lose screws, make sure to keep them in a container.  

Step 3: After screwing, you need to find a governor spring. For this, pursue the thickest cable from the pedal until you find a small spring covered with a metal rod. This is a governor. It contains two nuts – a smaller nut and a larger nut. 

Step 4:  Tight the larger nut and lose the smaller nut to fasten your cart’s speed. But, ensure that you don’t turn the engine at the highest speed because it will burn the engine, which will cause damage to your cart. 

Step 5: Lastly, tighten up the small nut on the governor to keep the spring in its right position. Now test your cart speed; after you are satisfied with your cart speed, small tight nuts. After that, replace the black cover and seat to start driving. 

On the newest model, there may need to be a different step. So you need to consult with its manufacturer or professional. 

What Are The Steps To Adjust The Yamaha Governors?

Yamaha golf carts can be adjusted the same as EZ GO golf carts. But you must find the engine in front rather than back in some carts. The Adjustment process will only take a few minutes, but one thing that will irritate you is the outcome. It depends on safety needs, and when you increase its speed, it will only increase by small amounts and on specific models.

Adjusting governor in Yamaha G1 Model

Step 1: Locate the bolt attached to the back of the vehicle’s spring bracket. There is a point for hanging it in there.

Step 2:  Remove the jam nut and bolt.

Step 3: Be sure to tighten the bolt back and rotate it inward gradually. After completing each step, test drive to determine your desired speed. If necessary, you could also use a longer bolt.

Adjusting governor in Yamaha G2/G16 Model

Step 1:  Locate the lever that is located above the transaxle. The nut on this lever is 10mm.

Step 2: With the help of a 1/4″ drive ratchet and a 10mm deep socket, you can tighten the nut inward as much as you’d like depending on the speed needed.

Adjusting governor in Yamaha G29 Model

Step 1: Take out the inspection panel from the back. Under this panel, there is a spring-accelerated governor.

Step 2: Tighten the nut by pulling it in to further expose the threaded road with a 10mm wrench. When performing this, it is advised to wear gloves.

Step 3: Old Drive and test to evaluate the outcome.

How To Adjust Club Car Golf Cart Governors?

The club car golf cart governors must know how to adjust the golf cart governors to get the right speed for their cart. The process takes time and demands effort but generates effective results. Some club car golf cart models fasten their speed by 10 miles per hour extra. Here are the steps to adjust this cart!

Step 1:  When you sit in the driver seat, at the console, look for a plastic plate covered with two small consoles. Ensure that you have the right screwdriver to remove the screws properly from the plate. 

Step 2: Remove both screws and keep them in the container for safety. Additionally, remove the panel and also keep it in a container for safety. 

Step 3: After removing the panel, you’ll see another panel in a metal-shaped T. This panel has the authority to control your cart speed and stop the governor from further activating your club car. 

Step 4: Place a small rubber band around the top of the T close to the thicker part. To keep it in that position, stretch the rubber band and twist it while stretching the metal.

Step 5: Now ensure that you pull the governor to your right. Check if the rubber band is secure or not. If it’s secure, then from the container, get the plate and place it in its position. Now check the cart’s top speed; if it runs faster than you, adjust the governor right. If you suspect slow speed, then it means you didn’t place the governor right. 

How To Remove A Golf Cart Governor? 

Although having a golf cart governor on your cart is very beneficial for your safety. Removing a governor from your cart means faster your golf cart, which can be insecure for you. You must take proper precautions if you still want to remove the governor from EZ GO, Yamaha, or club car golf cart. To remove the governor, proceed with these steps!

Step 1: Take proper precautions; ensure you remove the keys from the ignition and unplug your cart. 

Step 2: The governor is located on the carbonator or controller, depending on the model and the type of cart you have. Remove the wire only connected to the governor so that no other wire gets disconnected mistakenly. 

Step 3: Remove any governor mounting screws or clips after disconnecting the wires. You can remove this with the help of a screwdriver, wrench, or other tools.

Step 4: Remove the governor carefully and ensure no cables or electrical connections are damaged. Put the governor aside.

Step 5: Lastly, test and monitor the cart to ensure it operates safely. Increase the speed gradually and note the unusual behavior of the golf cart. 

The Drawback Of Removing A Golf Cart Governor

When a manufacturer adds something valuable to your vehicle, removing them from your cart is not a good thought. You can face risks or dangers of removing them. Same as when a golf cart manufacturer puts a governor on their vehicle; it might be for a good reason, and removing it is not so good for your cart performance. 

When you remove a governor from your cart and increase the speed level, there are higher chances that your cart will crash. The more you increase the speed level, the more pressure you put on your cart. Ensure you consult your golf cart manufacturer and follow their instructions before removing the governor. 

Do Electric Golf Carts Have Governors?

The electric golf cart mostly doesn’t have a built-in device such as the governor that you usually find on gas carts. They contain speed controls that directly manage the power flow of the motor. The controller doesn’t slow an electric cart, so when you remove it doesn’t speed it up.

How Fast Can A Golf Cart Go Without A Governor?

The electric golf cart goes 14 to 15 miles per hour without a governor. However, it really depends on the model, type, and terrain. 

In Closing

A golf cart governor is beneficial for your cart’s performance and longevity. And removing it will affect your cart speed, and you may find it inconvenient for yourself as you fear that if you fasten the speed, you may face risk or damage with it. So it’s advisable to always consult with a professional for your cart performance and best outcomes. 

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