Best Golf Courses In Las Vegas

Best Golf Courses In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, often dubbed the entertainment capital of the world, has proven its prowess in the realm of golf too. It offers more than just glitzy shows and gaming tables. Venture just a bit beyond its lively boulevards, and you’ll find an oasis of green awaiting golf enthusiasts. The “20 best golf courses in Las Vegas” present a harmonious blend of challenging designs, mesmerizing landscapes, and impeccable service. Whether a seasoned golfer or a beginner, these courses offer an unparalleled experience that extends far beyond the fairways.

Top 20 Golf Courses in Las Vegas 

1. TPC Las Vegas

Features: TPC Las Vegas is famous for matching the high standards of PGA Tour events. This course is a mix of classic golf and the stunning Las Vegas desert landscape.

Holes: The course has 18 holes. Each hole asks the golfer to be very exact and to think hard about their choices.

Status: Public

TPC Las Vegas is like a green gem in the middle of Las Vegas. This spot is perfect for anyone, whether you’re a top-level golfer or just someone who loves the game. The desert sun shines brightly here, making the grass glow. And as you play, tall mountains watch from a distance. It’s a place where fun challenges meet amazing views.

2. Cascata Golf Las Vegas

Features: Cascata is not just any golf place. It’s super fancy! It has a huge waterfall that’s 418 feet tall and a golf course that looks and feels perfect.

Holes: There are 18 holes on this course. Each one gives the golfer tricky challenges but also shows them really pretty sights.

Status: Public

Cascata Golf Las Vegas is like the palace of golf places. When you play here, you’ll see water falling from high up and the desert looking its best. A famous person named Rees Jones designed this course. Because of him, when you play here, you won’t forget it. The course’s design and the desert around it make every game special.

3. Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

Features: At Paiute Golf Resort, expansive greens are the norm. These vast stretches of manicured lawns blend seamlessly with the desert, providing a unique golfing ambiance. What’s more, the natural desert wind provides a refreshing atmosphere for players.

Holes: Instead of the usual single set of 18 holes, Paiute surprises everyone with three distinct 18-hole courses, ensuring variety and endless challenges for the players.

Status: Public

The Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort is an example of how nature and sport can co-exist harmoniously. With three distinct courses to choose from, players never run out of options or challenges. Each course, with its unique layout and design, provides golfers with a chance to test their skills while enjoying the beauty of the desert. Majestic mountain backdrops, clear blue skies, and the tranquility of the vast desert make each game a memorable experience.

4. Shadow Creek Golf Course

Features: Shadow Creek offers an unexpected green oasis amidst the desert. With lush greenery, flowing water, and cascading waterfalls, it’s a visual treat and a golfer’s dream.

Holes: The meticulously designed 18-hole course ensures that each hole presents a fresh challenge, keeping even the most seasoned golfers on their toes.

Status: Private

Shadow Creek Golf Course is the embodiment of luxury and exclusivity in the world of golf. The course, with its lush landscapes, feels like a slice of paradise in the middle of the desert. As players traverse the holes, they are treated to serene water features, strategic bunkers, and towering trees that offer shade and challenge. But the exclusivity of Shadow Creek doesn’t stop at its design. Being a private course, it promises an elite golfing experience, ensuring that those who get the opportunity to play here enjoy every moment in this secluded haven.

5. Bali Hai Golf Club

Features: Situated right on the Las Vegas Strip, Bali Hai transports golfers to a tropical paradise with its luscious landscapes and palm trees. The exotic setting feels more like an island retreat than a desert.

Holes: An engaging 18-hole course, each hole captivates players with its distinctive challenges and tropical scenery.

Status: Public

playing golf while skyscrapers tower in the distance and tropical beauty surrounds you. That’s the experience at Bali Hai Golf Club. While its location on the famous Las Vegas Strip promises accessibility, the club’s design guarantees a pure escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. With water features reminiscent of serene island getaways and fairways lined with thousands of palm trees, every round feels like a holiday. But don’t be fooled by the beauty; the course’s design ensures that golfers of all levels are kept engaged and challenged.

6. Wynn Golf Club

Features: A luxurious extension of the renowned Wynn Las Vegas resort, this golf course boasts aesthetic brilliance with its cascading waterfalls, pristine fairways, and scenic landscapes.

Holes: The 18-hole course is a masterpiece, combining the beauty of nature with the thrill of golf.

Status: Public

Wynn Golf Club is where luxury meets sport. Nestled behind the grand Wynn Resort, this golfing gem is a blend of art and architecture. Each hole is designed to perfection, offering players unique vistas and challenges. From the sound of waterfalls to the sight of well-maintained greens, the experience is nothing short of opulent. Golfers, whether novices or experts, will find the course both exhilarating and relaxing, making it a must-visit spot in Las Vegas. With a perfect balance of nature and luxury, Wynn Golf Club promises an unforgettable golfing experience.

7. Reflection Bay Golf Club

Features: Reflection Bay stands out for its stunning lakeside views. The shimmering waters of Lake Las Vegas provide a dazzling backdrop to this expertly designed course.

Holes: Across its 18-hole stretch, the course offers varied terrains, from challenging waterfront holes to serene desert landscapes.

Status: Public

Set alongside the serene Lake Las Vegas, Reflection Bay Golf Club offers more than just a game of golf; it offers an experience. Designed by the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, every hole is a testament to his vision and love for the sport. Golfers are treated to five holes situated directly on the lakefront, providing both a challenge and a view. Beyond the waterfront, the course meanders through valleys and desert landscapes, ensuring a diverse playing experience. Whether you’re taking a swing with the lake in your backdrop or navigating a desert bunker, Reflection Bay promises a memorable round.

8. Badlands Golf Club

Features: Living up to its name, Badlands offers rugged and challenging terrain, with deep canyons and arid landscapes setting the stage for an adventurous game.

Holes: The 27 holes are spread across three unique 9-hole courses, each presenting its own set of challenges.

Status: Public

The wild side of golf at Badlands Golf Club. Set amidst the deep canyons and deserts of Las Vegas, this course offers golfers a thrilling experience. The design, crafted by the renowned duo Johnny Miller and Chi Chi Rodriguez, incorporates the natural terrains and topographies, making each hole a unique challenge. Whether you’re navigating the deep drops of the canyons or strategizing your way through the desert stretches, Badlands ensures every golfer leaves with a story. It’s not just a game; it’s an adventure on its own.

9. Rio Secco Golf Club

Features: Carved right from the desert, Rio Secco offers panoramic views of Las Vegas. Elevated tees and carefully placed hazards in golf give the course its unique character.

Holes: This 18-hole marvel ensures that players face an exhilarating mix of challenges with the undulating desert landscape.

Status: Public

Rio Secco Golf Club is a testament to the beauty that can be carved out of the desert. The brainchild of golf architect Rees Jones, the course offers spectacular views of both the Las Vegas skyline and the surrounding mountains. Not just content with scenic beauty, the course boasts of some of the most challenging holes in the region. Whether you’re navigating through deep canyons or trying to ace the elevated greens, Rio Secco promises a mix of thrill and awe. For those looking to improve their game, the club also offers the Butch Harmon School of Golf, ensuring that players leave better than they came.

10. Southern Highlands Golf Club

Features: Nestled within a private community, Southern Highlands exudes exclusivity and elegance. Lush green fairways contrast beautifully with the desert surroundings.

Holes: The club offers an immaculate 18-hole course that blends challenging gameplay with stunning aesthetics.

Status: Private

A sanctuary of golfing excellence, Southern Highlands Golf Club is where luxury meets sport. Designed collaboratively by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and his son, the course is a seamless blend of challenging golf and natural beauty. Waterfalls, deep reservoirs, and tall pine trees dot the course, providing both obstacles and visual delight. Given its private status, the course ensures a serene and exclusive golfing experience, away from the crowds. Beyond the greens, the club boasts world-class amenities and services, cementing its reputation as one of the premier golf destinations in Las Vegas.

11. Canyon Gate Country Club

Features: Canyon Gate is a tranquil oasis amidst the hustle of Las Vegas, with serene water features and tree-lined fairways setting the tone for a relaxing game.

Holes: Its 18-hole course is masterfully crafted, ensuring both recreational and seasoned golfers face a balanced mix of challenges and enjoyment.

Status: Private

Set against the backdrop of the Red Rock Mountains, Canyon Gate Country Club provides a luxury golf experience that is second to none. The lush greens contrast dramatically with the desert landscape, offering an unparalleled visual treat. Designed by Ted Robinson, the course integrates numerous water features, making gameplay strategic and engaging. Members can relish in the tranquil ambiance, with the cascading waterfalls and pristine lakes offering a peaceful retreat. Beyond golf, the club is known for its outstanding amenities, making it a hub for social and recreational activities in the heart of Las Vegas.

12. The Summit Club

Features: The Summit Club is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. With a desert contemporary design, it provides panoramic views of the Las Vegas Valley.

Holes: Its 18-hole course, set amidst rugged terrain, promises to test even the most seasoned golfers with its innovative design.

Status: Private

As one of the most exclusive golf communities in Las Vegas, The Summit Club offers an unparalleled golfing experience. Every detail of the course is meticulously crafted, ensuring players are treated to world-class standards in both design and maintenance. With its elevated tee boxes, strategically placed bunkers, and challenging greens, the course promises a game that’s as thrilling as it is scenic. But what truly sets The Summit Club apart is its commitment to luxury. From the clubhouse to the amenities, everything speaks of sophistication and elegance, making it a haven for those seeking the finest in golf and lifestyle.

13. Angel Park Golf Club

Features: Angel Park offers high-elevation play with panoramic views of the Spring Mountains and the Las Vegas Valley, making it a picturesque golfing destination.

Holes: With two full 18-hole courses and a 12-hole short course, there’s ample variety and challenge for every golfer.

Status: Public

Angel Park Golf Club, often referred to as the “world’s most complete Las Vegas golf experience,” boasts of diverse terrains and challenges. The club’s Palm and Mountain courses, designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer, offer traditional golf settings with a touch of desert flair. The Cloud Nine short course is a treat, especially for those looking to practice their short game or are tight on time. Evening golf under the lights is another highlight, allowing golfers to enjoy the game even after the sun sets. With its diverse offerings and stunning views, Angel Park truly has something for everyone.

14. Painted Desert Golf Club

Features: As its name suggests, Painted Desert is a vibrant display of desert colors, offering golfers a visually stunning experience with its deep reds, purples, and browns.

Holes: An 18-hole championship course awaits players, with each hole designed to highlight the desert’s natural beauty.

Status: Public

Painted Desert Golf Club was one of the first desert courses in Las Vegas and remains a testament to the beauty that can be achieved when golf architecture meets natural landscape. Designed by Jay Morrish, the course is a perfect blend of challenging golf and scenic beauty. Every hole provides players with a unique vista, from colorful desert sand to sparkling water hazards. The fairways are generously sized, but with the desert always lurking, precision is key. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Painted Desert promises a memorable round amidst the hues of the desert.

15. Las Vegas National Golf Course

Features: A blend of traditional and modern, Las Vegas National showcases tree-lined fairways, generously sized greens, and water hazards, offering a serene escape in the midst of the city.

Holes: A classic 18-hole course, it serves a layout that’s both challenging for pros and welcoming for beginners.

Status: Public

A stone’s throw away from the bustling Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas National Golf Course is a green oasis of calm. This historic course has witnessed many professional tournaments over the years and even played host to legends like Tiger Woods. The course layout, designed by Bert Stamps, takes players on a journey through lush landscapes, punctuated by water features and sand traps. Its traditional design ensures that while it’s challenging, it’s also immensely enjoyable. With its rich history and impeccable maintenance, Las Vegas National offers an authentic golf experience in the heart of the city.

16. The Bear’s Best Las Vegas

Features: The Bear’s Best is a unique golfing experience, featuring a collection of the best 18 holes inspired by Jack Nicklaus’s course designs from around the Southwest.

Holes: Each of the 18 holes has its own story and challenge, handpicked from various courses designed by the Golden Bear himself.

Status: Public

If you’ve ever wondered about playing the best holes designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus without traveling all over the Southwest, Bear’s Best Las Vegas is your dream come true. This course offers a curated golfing experience, with each hole being a replica of various Nicklaus-designed courses, including those in Mexico and Arizona. Navigating through this course is like walking through a greatest hits collection, offering golfers varying levels of challenge, design intricacies, and scenic beauty. Beyond the unique golf experience, the club provides top-notch amenities, ensuring every golfer feels like a VIP.

17. Royal Links Golf Club Las Vegas

Features: An ode to the British Open, Royal Links remarkably recreates 18 of the best holes from 11 different Open rotation layouts.

Holes: The 18-hole layout promises an international experience, transporting golfers to famed courses without ever leaving Las Vegas.

Status: Public

Ever dreamt of playing on the iconic courses that have been graced by golf legends? Royal Links Golf Club Las Vegas brings that dream to life. Each hole is inspired by the British Open, replicating challenges and designs from courses like St. Andrews, Royal Troon, and Carnoustie. As players navigate through the course, stone bridges and historic landmarks accentuate the authentic feel. To enhance the experience, professional caddies provide insights and stories behind each hole. Royal Links is not just a round of golf; it’s a journey through the rich history of the sport.

18. Red Rock Country Club

Features: Set against the backdrop of the majestic Red Rock Canyon, this club offers breathtaking landscapes and a top-tier golf experience.

Holes: Boasting two private 18-hole courses, players can expect a variety of challenges set amidst the stunning desert vistas.

Status: Private

A harmonious blend of nature and design, Red Rock Country Club promises an unparalleled golfing experience. The club’s courses, meticulously crafted by Arnold Palmer, offer players both challenge and serenity. The undulating greens, strategically placed hazards, and desert terrain require skillful navigation. Yet, with every challenging shot, the panoramic views of the Red Rock Canyon provide a soothing balm. Members also enjoy the club’s world-class amenities, from the elegant clubhouse to state-of-the-art training facilities, ensuring that every aspect of the golf journey is nothing short of exceptional.

19. Rhodes Ranch Golf Club

Features: Known for its lush landscapes, Rhodes Ranch offers water features, rolling fairways, and multiple elevation changes, creating a picturesque setting.

Holes: This 18-hole course is a testament to design ingenuity, ensuring a delightful play with every hole offering a unique challenge.

Status: Public

Description: Rhodes Ranch Golf Club, designed by the acclaimed architect Ted Robinson, is a gem in the heart of Las Vegas. The course is sculpted beautifully amidst natural desert terrain but stands out due to its verdant greens and sparkling water features. Every hole is crafted to offer a different experience, be it navigating through palm trees or attempting to land a shot on an island green. But it’s not just about the challenge; the course’s beauty is breathtaking, with views of the nearby mountains accompanying players throughout their round. For those looking to experience golf with a touch of desert magic, Rhodes Ranch is the place to be.

20. SouthShore Country Club

Features: Perched on the shores of Lake Las Vegas, SouthShore boasts dramatic vistas, elevations, and a course layout that is both challenging and visually arresting.

Holes: With its 18-hole course, golfers can expect a roller-coaster of elevations, from the lakeside shores to sweeping plateaus.

Status: Private

SouthShore Country Club offers a golfing experience that is both thrilling and serene. As a Jack Nicklaus Signature Design, the course carries the hallmark of its legendary designer. It’s a blend of strategic play and aesthetic grandeur. The undulating greens and sweeping fairways are accentuated by the shimmering backdrop of Lake Las Vegas. Each hole provides players with a strategic puzzle, urging them to factor in the winds from the lake and the elevation changes. Beyond the course, the club offers a luxurious retreat with top-tier amenities, ensuring members enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle both on and off the green

Wrapping It Up

From the exploration of “20 best golf courses in Las Vegas,” it’s clear that the city’s allure extends well beyond its casinos and shows. Each course, with its unique ambiance and challenge, invites players to experience golf in a setting that’s nothing short of spectacular. In Las Vegas, every tee-off is a new adventure, ensuring that golfers leave with memories as cherished as any jackpot win.

FAQs On Best Golf Courses In Las Vegas

1- Where do the pros play golf in Vegas?

Ans: Pros often play at prestigious courses like Shadow Creek and TPC Las Vegas during tournaments and private rounds.

2- How many golf courses are in Las Vegas?

Ans: Las Vegas is home to over 50 golf courses, ranging from public to exclusive private clubs.

3- How much is it to play at Wynn Golf Course?

Ans: Playing at Wynn Golf Course can cost between $250 to $550, depending on the time of year and day.

4- What does TPC stand for?

Ans: TPC stands for “Tournament Players Club,” a chain of public and private golf courses operated by the PGA TOUR.

5- Can anyone play a TPC course?

Ans: Yes, many TPC courses are open to the public, but some are private and require membership or an invitation.

6- Can you wear jeans to TPC?

Ans: Typically, jeans are discouraged at TPC courses, adhering to a more traditional golf attire policy.

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