How to Store Your Golf Cart In The Summer?

how to store your golf cart in the summer

When summer rolls around, golfers think about a cooler climate (escape from heat waves) for a relaxing gateway. As you are off to the summer vacation, make sure to properly take care of your golf equipment— which also includes golf carts. Just like winterizing a golf cart, properly storing it in the summer can enhance its performance and longevity. 

But how to store your golf cart in the summer? Properly clean the cart and batteries, check the tire pressure, release the parking brakes, and finally, cover the cart.  Continue reading as we are going to discuss each of these steps in more detail. 

How To Store Your Golf Cart In The Summer?

To store your golf cart in summer, here are some essential steps you should take to protect your cart from damage while storing:

store your golf carts in the summer complete steps

Step :1 Clean The Cart

You should thoroughly clean your golf cart before storing it for three months or six months. Wipe all the surfaces and clean the exterior part with mild soap and water. Ensure that you especially clean the area on which dirt and grime accumulated.

Step 2: Check For Damage

After cleaning your golf cart, do a thorough inspection to see if any damage or scratches can be the cause of golf cart damage overall. If you find any issue, then pay attention to it and resolve it before storing your cart. 

Step 3: Battery Care

The battery is the most essential part of storing a golf cart. It’s necessary to charge your battery fully. Also, clean your golf cart batteries properly to remove any corrosion. Please remove the battery charger to prevent any spark before storing it. 

Step 4: Tire Pressure

It’s necessary to check your golf carts’ pressure or tire size to properly inflate them to recommended PSI (15 to 25 PSI). Properly inflating tires will help you prevent flattening when the cart is not being used. 

Step 5: Break Release

As you’re storing your cart, turning off parking brakes is vital. If you keep it on for a long time, it will be hard for you to turn it on again and apply the brakes again. So the best thing is to use a block or wheel wedges to stop it from rolling out. 

Step 6: Cover The Cart

it’s always a best practice to cover your golf cart before storing it. Because it helps you prevent your carts from dust, dirt, rain, and others. 

Additional Tips For Storing Your Golf Cart In Summer

Here are some additional tips for further enhancing your cart’ performance and longevity:

  • Make sure to keep your storage spaces airy to prevent extra heat or any damage. 
  • Lifting the cart to remove pressure from tires and suspensions would be best.
  • Check your cart after a week to ensure that your cart’s engine is in the correct order. 
  • Maintain correct fluid levels in battery cells; add water to golf cart batteries. Use distilled water. 
  • Maintain your golf cart insurance to keep it protected from theft or potential damage. 

Is It Okay to Leave Golf Cart Outside In an Open Area?

You can leave your golf cart outside in an open area but only for a short time. Leaving your cart outside for a long time reduces its lifespan. Features that are affected when you keep your cart outside may include batteries, the exterior, and the body of the cart. That is why It’s better to cover and store your cart in the garage.

Best Golf Cart Covers For Summer Protection

Many golf cart covers are available on the market, making it difficult to choose the right one. Ideally, you should buy a golf cart cover that fits perfectly to your golf cart and shields it from the scorching heat. Here are the top golf cart covers:

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure 

This cart enclosure is extremely easy to install and remove. It comes in 3 different fits. The windshield and doors can be zipped off effortlessly. The doors have a special feature that lets you tuck them away if it gets sunny during a game. This is definitely the best golf cart cover you can get without spending too much money. 

Bondvast Driving Enclosure Cover

The latest version of these golf cart enclosures has improved zippers with double-stitched hems, making them stronger. It fits up to a 58” roof. The extra zippers help the cover fit tightly on certain carts, but make sure it’s the right fit for your cart. For instance, it won’t work with an EZ GO 2Five. They list compatible models in the product description, so check there.

The fabric is thick enough to keep you cozy during cold golf games. With so many parts that can zip off, you could also keep this cover on in the summer.

Formosa Deluxe 4-Seater Golf Cart Cover

The Formosa brand golf cart cover is the perfect choice for your cart in summer. Due to its heavy-duty polyester, it will protect your cart from heat, dust, rain, and grim while the air vents from both sides. This helps get rid of moisture and stop mold from growing.  Suitable for 4-seat golf carts, this cover is convenient and fast. It comes with rings and a stretchy cord for quick and secure fastening.

10L0L 2-Passenger Golf Cart Driving Enclosures

10L0L’s 2-passenger golf cart cover is well-built and made of high-quality materials. Its zippered windscreen fits in the front pocket and is water-repellent. It’s cheaper than other driving enclosure top selections but less sturdy.

KEISER 4 Passenger 400D Waterproof Golf Cart Cover

The KEISER golf cart cover for club cars is made from strong polyester fiber and has a PVC coating that helps keep water out. Remember, it’s water-resistant, not waterproof. 

This cover is a great choice if you’re on a budget, mainly because it’s very affordable. This cover works best if your cart is outside but still under some sort of roof. It lets the cover wrap around the bottom of the cart and stay put, even if it’s windy.

Wrapping It Up

So if you want to enjoy a healthy vacation without any worries about your golf cart, read the steps mentioned above for storing your golf cart in the summer. I mentioned additional tips and the best covers to protect your cart from any damage and also maintain its performance and lifespan. 

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