Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries

The golf cart battery market is dominated by Duracell vs Interstate, each with its own unique offering. As a household name, Duracell excels at providing reliable power with strong internal connections and glass mat reinforcement, requiring less maintenance. It provides versatile volt options and durability at a slightly higher price point. 

On the other side, Interstate boasts 70 years of battery expertise, specifically excelling with their maintenance-free AGM deep-cycle batteries, presenting different voltage variants. 

These batteries come at a moderate price and offer remarkable endurance. In terms of price per unit, Duracell has a slight edge, but both brands provide similar amp hours for 6-volt options. 

Duracell demands less maintenance compared to Interstate, but the latter offers a maintenance-free experience. When it comes to lifespan, both can last 5 to 7 years with proper care. 

In the final analysis, Interstate’s maintenance-free batteries emerge as a top recommendation for those seeking a hassle-free, enduring power solution for their golf carts.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries: Key Differences

Comparison FactorDuracell Golf Cart BatteriesInterstate Golf Cart Batteries
DurabilityDurableBuilt to endure
Vibration Damage ProtectionFortified Internal ConnectionsTightly packed plates and solid posts
MaintenanceLower Level of MaintenanceNo maintenance required
Watering FrequencyEfficient water usage with reduced wateringNo watering required
TechnologyPremium Glass Mat ReinforcementsAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
PriceAffordableModerate pricing
Lifespan5-7 years5-7 years
Voltage Options6V, 8V6V, 8V, 12V
Ampere Rate215 A/H to 255 A/H in 20 hours225 A/H in 20 hours
Recommended forThose seeking affordable yet reliable batteriesThose seeking maintenance-free batteries
Overall VerdictBudget-friendly choice offering great valueA hassle-free and reliable choice

Duracell Golf Cart Batteries

Duracell Battery

The Powerhouse

Duracell, a brand known in every household, extends its legacy of reliable power to its golf cart batteries. Fortified with robust internal connections and premium glass mat reinforcements, these batteries guarantee a consistent power supply for your golf cart.


Gone are the days of frequent maintenance. Duracell batteries require lower levels of upkeep, ensuring a hassle-free experience for golf cart owners.

Choices Galore

Duracell offers a range of volt options and ampere rates to cater to different golf cart models. Whether you need a 6V or 8V battery, Duracell’s got you covered, allowing you to choose according to your cart’s requirements.

Built to Last

Duracell batteries are designed for durability. Crafted with a reinforced polypropylene case and cover, these batteries withstand the test of time, ensuring consistent performance.

Price Points

While Duracell batteries offer exceptional features, they do come with a slightly higher price tag compared to some other brands. However, the enhanced performance and reliability often justify the investment.

Interstate Golf Cart Batteries

Interstate Battery

Reliable Performers

Interstate, with over 70 years of battery production, has made a name for itself with absorbed glass mat (AGM) deep-cycle batteries, requiring no maintenance and designed to last longer.

Noteworthy Features

Interstate batteries are built to endure. With tightly packed plates and fortified solid posts, they offer increased lifespan and value for money.

Maintenance Made Easy

Unlike standard flooded batteries, deep-cycle AGM batteries from Interstate demand no maintenance, simplifying the ownership experience.

Voltage Variants

Interstate provides options in 6V, 8V, and 12V, but the AGM deep cycle battery is exclusively available in 6-volt variants.

Amping It Up

The AGM deep-cycle batteries, available in 6-volt, provide a 225 A/H load for 20 hours.

Pricing Considerations

Interstate AGM deep-cycle batteries are priced at around $170 per unit, making them a moderate investment compared to competitors.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Price

Duracell’s deep-cycle AGM batteries come at a slightly more affordable price per unit compared to Interstate’s products, giving them an edge in this round.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Amp Hours

Both brands offer similar amp hours for their 6-volt options, providing approximately 225 A/H for 20 hours.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Maintenance

While Duracell’s batteries require less watering and maintenance than standard deep-cycle flooded batteries, they still need more attention compared to Interstate’s deep-cycle AGM golf cart batteries, which require no maintenance.

Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart Batteries – Lifespan

Both batteries, when cared for properly, can last 5 to 7 years, making this round a tie in terms of lifespan.

What is the Difference Between Interstate and Trojan Golf Cart Batteries?

There is a major difference between Interstate and Trojan golf cart batteries in terms of their discharge capacity and affordability. Interstate batteries have a higher discharge capacity and are more affordable. 

On the other hand, Trojan batteries offer fast charging, exceptional durability, and a longer lifespan but are relatively expensive and require consistent maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Duracell’s deep-cycle flooded batteries, and Interstate’s deep-cycle AGM batteries are evenly matched and offer excellent value for golfers. Compared to Trojan and Crown products, both are affordable and provide great performance. 

Duracell batteries come at a more reasonable price, while Interstate’s units require no maintenance or watering, ensuring a convenient experience for the user. 

Considering the convenience and longevity, in the review of Duracell vs Interstate Golf Cart batteries, Interstate’s batteries stand out as a recommended choice for those seeking a maintenance-free option

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