Push vs Pull Golf Carts: Choosing the Right Companion for Your Golf Game

Push vs Pull Golf Carts

Golf is a sport of accuracy, concentration, and relaxation, but it also requires some physical exertion as you move around the course. Many golfers use golf carts to reduce the physical effort required and increase the fun of the game. You can choose between push vs pull golf carts, nevertheless, when it comes to other types of vehicles. We will examine the distinctions between push and pull golf carts, as well as their benefits and drawbacks, in this complete guide to assist you in determining which one best meets your needs.

Push vs Pull Golf Carts | Key Differences

Let’s first develop a clear idea of what push and pull golf carts are before getting into the details.

FeaturePush Golf CartPull Golf Cart
Number of WheelsUsually has three wheels: two larger wheels at the back and a single smaller wheel at the front.Typically has two wheels for stability and ease of pulling.
Direction of MovementGolf Push carts are pushed in front of the golfer.Pull carts are pulled behind the golfer.
ManeuverabilityGenerally easy to maneuver and navigate.Might require more effort to navigate, especially around tight corners.
Ease of UseEasy to set up and use, with a natural walking posture.Some golfers find it slightly more challenging to maintain a comfortable walking posture while pulling the cart.
Storage & AccessibilityStorage compartments and pockets are easily accessible.Storage accessibility might vary depending on the design, but still typically provides convenient access to clubs and other items.
Terrain SuitabilitySuitable for a variety of terrains, including hilly courses.Might pose a challenge on uphill or uneven terrains.
Tire WearTires may experience less wear and tear due to the natural pushing motion.Tires might wear out more quickly due to the pulling motion.
Energy ExpenditureMay require less energy, especially for those with a good walking posture.Could potentially require slightly more effort, especially on uphill sections.
Foldability & StorageOften foldable and easy to store in a car trunk or locker.Also foldable, making storage and transportation convenient.
Weight DistributionWeight is distributed between the golfer and the cart.Weight is concentrated on the golfer pulling the cart.

Push Golf Carts


  • Better posture and comfort.
  • Maneuverable on various terrains.
  • Stability, especially on rough ground.
  • Convenient access to clubs and equipment.


  • May require more effort to push uphill.
  • Takes up more space when folded.
  • Slightly less control on downhill slopes.

Pull Golf Carts


  • Natural and comfortable walking motion.
  • Better control when going downhill.
  • Compact and easy to store.
  • Budget-friendly option.


  • Can be less stable on rough terrain.
  • Limited access to clubs while walking.
  • Some golfers may find pulling less intuitive.

Advantages of Push Golf Carts

Advantages of Push Golf Carts

Let’s start by exploring the advantages of using a push golf cart:

1. Better Posture and Comfort

You can walk with an upright posture while pushing a golf cart, which will lessen the chance of back pain and discomfort throughout your round. This is more ergonomically pleasant, according to many golfers.

2. Maneuverability

Pull carts are frequently easier to maneuver than push carts. On hilly or uneven terrain, having the ability to steer them effortlessly might be very advantageous.

3. Stability

Due to the weight of your golf bag being dispersed over the cart’s rear wheels, push carts are often more stable. When traversing sand traps or difficult terrain, this stability can be especially helpful.

4. Accessibility

Your clubs and other equipment are easier to access with a push cart. Without having to turn around or stoop down as much, you can quickly reach your clubs.

Advantages of Pull Golf Carts

Advantages of Pull Golf Carts

Now, let’s explore the advantages of using a pull golf cart:

1. Walking Comfort

Some golfers find that pulling a cart is more natural and comfortable since it mimics the motion of pulling a suitcase or wagon. If you are used to utilizing a pull cart for other activities, this may be particularly true.

2. Better Control on Downhills

A pull cart gives you better control while you’re moving downhill and keeps the cart from moving too quickly. On courses with steep slopes, this might be a major safety consideration.

3. Easy to Store

When not in use, pull carts are frequently smaller and simpler to keep in your car or golf bag & golf cart batteries. They typically fold up neatly, making them a useful option for golfers with little room for storage.

4. Affordable Option

Pull carts are usually less expensive than push carts, making them a desirable option for golfers on a tight budget or players who don’t play often.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Push and Pull Carts

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Push and Pull Carts

When deciding between push and pull golf carts, several factors should guide your choice:

Personal Preference

Your own preferences and comfort level ought to matter a lot. Simply said, some golfers enjoy the feel of pulling a cart, while others prefer the feel of pushing one. To determine which choice is best for you, think about trying both.


The terrain of the golf courses you play on is something to consider. A push cart’s mobility and steadiness might be useful if you frequently play on courses with hills or uneven terrain. On the other hand, a pull cart can be a good option if you play on flatter courses.

Storage and Transportation

Think about how you’ll move and store your cart. The smaller size of a pull cart might be more convenient if you have a small automobile or need to transport the cart there.


Your decision might also be influenced by your budget. Although push and pull carts come in a wide range of prices, pull carts are typically more affordable.

Accessories and Features

Specific features or additions that come with either type of cart may be preferred by some golfers. These can include things like drink holders, storage spaces, and umbrella holders. Make sure to look into the accessories that are offered for the carts you are thinking about.

Durability and Build Quality

Take the cart’s strength and construction into account. Choose golf carts that are constructed with high-quality components to resist the stresses of the course and deliver enduring performance.


The weight of the cart itself may be a consideration, particularly if you must move it into and out of your car. Lighter carts are easier to maneuver while still maintaining the required stability.

Folding Mechanism

Pay notice to how simple it is to fold and unfold the cart. Setup and storage can be greatly simplified by a handy folding mechanism.

Wheel Design

The performance of the cart can be influenced by how its wheels are made. Choose carts with sizable, sturdy wheels that can travel easily across a variety of surfaces.

Brand and Model

Find carts with a reputation for dependability and customer satisfaction by researching several brands and models. Request advice from other golfers and read reviews.


There is no definite right or wrong in the push vs. pull golf cart argument. In the end, what you choose will depend on your particular preferences, the courses you play, your money, and your storage requirements. There is no right or wrong decision when it comes to golf carts as long as it improves your game and lets you have the most fun possible. Both push and pull carts have their advantages.

Try out both types of carts if you can, and give the aforementioned factors great thought before making a decision. Having a trustworthy partner to carry your clubs and equipment will surely result in a more pleasurable and pleasant round of golf, regardless of whether you choose a push or a pull cart.

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