What Is A Link Golf Course (Exploring Coastal Challenges)? 

link golf course

As you walk onto the golf course’s area. You might want to challenge yourself as a true golfer. Then, it would be best to give the Links golf course a chance. It makes the game more complex and challenging for golfers. However, it improves an average player’s strategy, skills, and capacity to make the right decisions for the game. 

But what is a link golf course? In this blog, I will provide detailed information about the link course, its benefits, and how to play the link-style golf courses. So, let’s get started!

What Is Meant By A Link Golf Course?

The term “link” or link golf meaning refers to the terrain on which the course is built. A link is a stretch of land that connects grassy or sandy ground with the ocean. A natural terrain golf course has rolling sand dunes, rough grass, and challenging natural obstacles like deep pot bunkers and tall grasses. 

These natural land features, constant wind, and unpredictable weather conditions make playing on a link course a unique and challenging experience. These courses are found in the British Isles and other parts of the world, such as Australia and the United States. 

Why Is It Called A Links Course?

A links course is named after the strip of land on which it’s built, known as a “link.” The term originally referred to the sandy areas near the coast in Scotland where golf was first played. Today, it describes any golf course built on a coastal strip of land incorporating the terrain’s natural features into the course design. That’s why it’s called a link course. 

What Is The Difference Between A Regular Golf Course And A Link Golf Course?

The difference between current and traditional golf courses is listed below:

Regular Golf CourseTraditional Golf Course
It’s located inland and often wooded. It’s located alongside the coast.
It typically has green and other vegetationIt contains hazards such as bunkers, water hazards, and trees. 
It contains manicure greens and fairways It contains natural hazards such as winds and sand. 
It contains manicured greens and fairways It contains natural terrain.
It’s less affected by wind.It’s much affected by wind. 
Less demanding for beginnersIt’s more difficult for seasoned golfers

How To Play A Links Golf Course?

How To Play A Links Golf Course

Now you have a basic understanding of what is a link course. In this section, I’ll tell you how you need to play on a link golf club and provide some tips to be more professional in your game. 

Remember that playing in such courses needs more creativity, engagement, and consideration to make the best possible shots to increase your score. 

Here’s how you can master it:

1- Properly Pack Your Gears

The first tip is that before playing a link course game, you must check your gear, clothes, and clubs. You must bring a complete set of clubs and choose the right one according to the situation. Consider the long iron or hybrid clubs that help you navigate the narrow fairways

Next, ensure you have the proper attire, as link courses have unpredictable weather conditions. That includes the right clothes and true link golf shoes, raincoats and gloves, cold weather gear, and a beanie. With the best equipment, you’ll have the best chance to win the game. 

2- Hit The Perfect Knockdown Shot

Playing in the link course means lots of wind, which is horrible for golfers to make an idle shot. In this situation, most golfers make a high shot, leading to a shorter distance. On the other hand, if you play golf on a course of this type and consistently hit your shots high, you will have a very long round. 

To avoid long rounds, you need to adjust your ball flight:

  1. Make sure to have a firm grip on the club.
  2. Try to hit the ball closer to the middle of your position rather than the back.
  3. Take a backswing that isn’t quite to its full extent, and finish your follow-through at a lower point.

3- Better Your Bunker Game

Links lands contain deep/pot bunkers, which are difficult to eliminate and make a good shot. Even the professionals get stuck in these bunkers. But if you take the right form, you can escape these hurdles. You need to perform a few adjustments for this. It would be best to have several lofts to get out to lift the ball. 

To open the face at the address, the 60-degree loft is not enough, so ensure your club face is wider. Also, to adjust the ball position, launch it high by keeping it off your left heel. These adjustments are beneficial to better your bunker game. 

4- Use A Bump-And-Run Shot

This bump-and-run shot is much easier to execute than a high-flop shot. It will directly lead to the green on golf; you only need to hit the ball slightly in the hole. If your ball spins, you’ll not reach the hole and need to make extra shots. 

5- Improve Lag-Putting Accuracy

The ability to putt well is essential to a successful link course round. The greens are typically much larger than those found on most standard courses, requiring you to regularly make putts of forty to eighty feet or more.

Pros Of Link Golf Course 

Playing on a link course provides several challenges as well as some benefits to golfers who want to enjoy a fantastic golfing experience. Here are some benefits of it:

  • Natural Terrain

First, link courses are designed on natural terrains, allowing golfers to test the land’s real nature and experience hazards and several other obstacles. This creates a dynamic playing experience that’s unlikely to be found on today’s golf courses. 

  • Strategic Play

You analyzed the nature of the land and were well aware of its different bunkers or hazards. It’s not tough for golfers to make a strategic and skillful plan for a perfect shot.  

  • Ocean views 

Since link courses are constructed along the coast, they frequently provide breathtaking views of the ocean and coastline, which enhances the overall playing experience.

  • Less water usage

Since link courses are made to fit in with the surroundings, they frequently use less water than conventional courses. For golfers who care about the environment, this feature may be appealing.

  • History and traditions 

On the traditional link courses, several tournaments were played. Connecting today with the link course connects the roots and the generation of the golfers who played before. 

  • Enhance skills and productivity.

Once you get used to linking courses, your skills and productivity will automatically increase. Because it provides the roots of the game, and if you know the root terms, you can play from average to professional levels. 

Why Link Golf Courses Are So Popular?

There are several reasons why link courses are popular, but the main reason is their uniqueness and course challenges. The difficulty level of these courses is higher. 

It is impossible to predict the course’s behavior on any given day due to strong winds and undulating fairways. As a result, each time you play, there will be a new experience. Sometimes, the wind is so hard it’s difficult for players or golfers to play. 

Final Verdicts

You can check how important Link golf courses are for golfers who want to become successful. The link course is a real-time success for experienced golfers. So, if you want to mark your journey as a professional golfer, then be ready to face overall challenges and obstacles with a link golf course. As challenges are the road map to success. 

FAQs About Link Golf Course

1- Where did the link golf course originate from? 

Ans: The Link golf course originated in Scotland and was first played in the 15th century. 

2- What Is the Most Popular Links Course?

Ans: The most popular link course is the old course St.Andrews in Scotland. 

3- Why is links golf hard to play?

Ans: Links golf is challenging due to its coastal terrain with uneven grounds, strong winds, and deep bunkers, demanding precise shots and adaptability.

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