Is It Worth Buying a Golf Cart? Pros and Cons in 2023

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Considering buying a golf cart? Are you wondering, “Is it worth buying a golf cart?” Well, you’re not alone. Many golfers, like me, dream of owning their own cart to enhance their golfing experience. A golf cart can add value to your game when you weigh the pros and cons.

This comprehensive guide will provide insight into the various aspects of owning a golf cart and help you make an informed decision. 

We’ll explore the convenience, personalization, costs, course restrictions, accessibility, social benefits, flexibility, family and community advantages, environmental considerations, and even the potential resale value. These factors will help us determine whether a golf cart is right for you.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of owning a golf cart, helping you determine if it’s worth the investment. So, let’s dive in without further ado. 

Why is it Worth Buying a Golf Cart in 2023

Here are some pros and cons of owning a golf cart:

Convenience and Time-Saving

One of the primary benefits of owning a golf cart is the convenience it offers. With a golf cart at your disposal, you can effortlessly navigate the course, transporting yourself and your equipment between holes. This time-saving advantage allows you to focus more on your game and spend less time walking long distances. 

Additionally, a golf cart provides relief from carrying a heavy bag or pulling a trolley, making the entire golfing experience more enjoyable.

Cost Considerations

When considering buying a golf cart, the cost is an important factor to keep in mind. The price of a golf cart can vary depending on factors like brand, model, features, condition, and whether it’s new or used. So, you may wonder, “How Much Does a Golf Cart Cost” It can cost from $10,000 to $27,000. That’s quite expensive, isn’t it?

The initial purchase cost of a new or used cart, along with ongoing maintenance expenses, should be taken into account. Additionally, you may need to factor in storage costs if you don’t have a suitable place to keep your cart. On the other hand, if you frequently play golf and regularly rent carts, owning your own cart can eventually lead to cost savings in the long run.

is it worth buying a golf cart

Personalization and Comfort

Having your own golf cart allows you to customize it to your liking. You can equip it with accessories such as a cooler, umbrella holder, or GPS system, tailored to your specific preferences. 

Moreover, golf carts offer comfortable seating and ample space for your gear, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable ride throughout your round. The ability to personalize your cart and create a comfortable environment adds to the overall pleasure of playing golf.

Course Restrictions and Accessibility

Some golf courses have restrictions on using privately-owned golf carts, allowing only their own fleet for rental purposes. Before purchasing a golf cart, it’s essential to check with the courses you frequent to ensure that they allow private carts. 

Additionally, consider the accessibility of courses with your own cart. If you primarily play at courses that are easily reachable and cart-friendly, owning a golf cart becomes more advantageous.

Social and Recreational Benefits

Beyond the practical aspects, owning a golf cart can enhance your social and recreational experiences. It provides an opportunity to bond with fellow golfers as you traverse the course together. Golf carts allow for conversations and camaraderie during the round, creating a more enjoyable and interactive atmosphere. 

For those who enjoy leisurely rides around their community or participate in golf cart parades, owning a cart extends recreational possibilities beyond the golf course.

Flexibility and Freedom

Owning a golf cart grants you the flexibility to golf on your own terms. You’re not bound by the limitations of rental availability or restrictions on rental cart usage. You can arrive at the course whenever you please, without worrying about the availability of carts or waiting in line. This freedom allows you to plan your golf outings more conveniently, giving you the ability to play at your preferred times and pace.

Family and Community Benefits

A golf cart can also extend beyond personal use and become a valuable asset for your family and community. If you have family members or friends who enjoy golfing, owning a cart enables you to share the experience together. It creates an opportunity for quality time and bonding on and off the course. 

In communities where golf carts are permitted on public roads, owning a golf cart can be practical for short trips to nearby places, promoting a sense of community and reducing the need for conventional vehicles.

Environmental Considerations

For those conscious of their environmental impact, golf carts can be a greener alternative to traditional vehicles. Most modern golf carts are powered by electric motors, producing zero emissions during use. 

By opting for an electric golf cart, you contribute to reducing air and noise pollution on the course and in your community. Furthermore, electric carts are typically more energy-efficient and cost-effective to operate compared to their gas-powered counterparts.

Resale Value and Investment Potential

While purchasing a golf cart involves an upfront cost, it’s worth considering the potential for resale value. Well-maintained and sought-after models often retain a significant portion of their value over time. You can sell your golf cart in the future if you decide to upgrade or no longer need it. 

Moreover, in certain regions or communities where demand for golf carts is high, a robust resale market may increase the potential for recouping a portion of your initial investment.

Do golf carts hold their value?

Golf carts, especially well-maintained and sought-after models, can hold their value relatively well. Factors such as the brand, model, age, condition, and market demand significantly determine the resale value. 

While carts may experience some depreciation over time, popular brands and models tend to retain a higher percentage of their original value. Regular maintenance, proper care, and keeping up with technological advancements can help preserve the value of a golf cart.

What is the life expectancy of a golf cart?

The life expectancy of a golf cart depends on various factors, including usage, maintenance, and overall care. A well-maintained golf cart can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. 

However, it’s important to note that life expectancy can vary significantly based on factors such as the type of cart (electric or gas-powered), frequency of use, terrain conditions, and the quality of components. 

Regular maintenance, including battery care, tire replacement, and periodic inspections, can extend the lifespan of a golf cart.

How can a golf cart improve your golf game?

golf cart improve your golf game

Owning a golf cart can offer several advantages that can positively impact your golf game:

Energy Conservation: By utilizing a golf cart, you conserve energy and reduce fatigue, allowing you to focus more on your swing and strategy. This can result in improved performance and consistency throughout your round.

Time Management: A golf cart enables you to navigate the course efficiently, saving time between shots and holes. This extra time can be utilized for course management, analyzing your next shot, or simply enjoying the surroundings.

Equipment Accessibility: With a golf cart, all your equipment, including clubs, balls, and accessories, is readily available throughout the round. This eliminates the need to carry a heavy bag or return to a distant location to retrieve a particular club, ensuring quick access and convenience.

Course Familiarity: Owning a golf cart allows you to become more familiar with the layout and nuances of the course. As you navigate the fairways and greens, you develop a better understanding of distances, angles, and potential challenges. This familiarity can contribute to improved decision-making and shot selection.

Enjoyment and Relaxation: A golf cart provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the course. It allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings, engage in conversations with playing partners, and enjoy a leisurely ride between shots. This enhanced enjoyment can have a positive impact on your overall golfing experience and performance.

While a golf cart doesn’t guarantee improved golfing skills, it can contribute to a more relaxed, convenient, and enjoyable round of golf. 


Assessing the worth of buying a golf cart entails considering factors such as convenience, personalization, costs, course restrictions, accessibility, social benefits, flexibility, family and community advantages, environmental considerations, and resale potential. 

By carefully evaluating these aspects and aligning them with your preferences, lifestyle, and budget, you can determine whether owning a golf cart is worthwhile. 

Remember to weigh the intangible benefits, such as the enjoyment, freedom, and added convenience it brings to your golfing experience. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what enhances your overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the sport.

Van Douglas

Van Douglas

Van Douglas is a seasoned golf enthusiast and skilled writer, delivering informative and engaging articles on his blog that capture the essence of the sport with expertise and passion.
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