How to Trick Golf Cart Charger to Revive Dead Batteries

How to Trick Golf Cart Charger

Reviving dead golf cart batteries is not an easy task. Golf cart battery chargers need a certain threshold voltage to start the charging. Dead batteries don’t have that minimum workable voltage. Even though it may seem impossible to bring back dead batteries, there is always a way to do it. That’s what our blog is all about– to provide effective solutions for our golf cart owners. Let’s get started on how to trick a golf cart charger to revive your dead battery. 

How to Trick Golf Cart Charger

To trick the golf cart charger, you can either use a fully charged battery or change the voltage settings on the golf cart charger.

First Method Using Fully Charged Battery and Jumper Cables

First, we will discuss how you can trick the golf cart charger using a fully charged battery and jumper cables. Let’s go over the steps in detail:

  1. Begin by disconnecting the golf cart charger from the power source.
  2. If the charger is attached to a battery or another part, remove it. 
  3. Get a fully charged battery and jumper cables.
  4. The red jumper cable is positive and the black jumper cable is negative. 
  5. Connect one red clip of the jumper cable with the positive terminal of the dead battery and the other red clip with the positive terminal of the fully charged battery. Do the same for the negative terminals of both batteries but with black cable clamps. 
  6. Connect the golf cart battery charger to the dead battery and leave it plugged in overnight.

Second Method: Changing the Voltage Setting of the Charger

  1. The first two steps are the same as the above method. 
  2. Your golf cart charger will have a voltage selector on the front. It shows different settings of the voltage ranging from 12V to 48V.
  3. Select the lower voltage setting than what your battery requires. This will trick the golf cart battery charger into believing it’s charging a smaller battery.
  4. Once you’ve changed the voltage setting on the charger, plug it into the power source.
  5. Keep an eye on the charging process. Once successfully tricked, the charger will stop charging the battery, but after a while, it will start charging the battery again.
  6. Remove the charger when your golf cart batteries are fully charged.   

How Can You Tell If A Golf Cart Battery Charger Has Been Tricked?

You have carefully followed the steps mentioned above to trick the charger. Now, how can you be sure that the tricking of the charger was successful? Well, this step is pretty easy to do. All you need is a multimeter or load tester. 

You can tell if a golf cart charger is tricked or not by connecting the load tester to the dead battery. Before you proceed with this step, don’t forget to disconnect the charger. If your batteries are changed, the load tester’s needle will move to the right. Similarly, you can use a multimeter to get the confirmation. 

Few More Ways to Trick the Golf Cart Charge

In our previous discussion, we explored some innovative techniques to coax your golf cart charger into charging a dead battery. Here, we will delve into a few additional methods that may come in handy when dealing with stubborn or seemingly unresponsive chargers.

Use of Resistance Cable to Trick the Charger

A resistance cable is a nifty tool that can help manipulate the charger into thinking the battery is more charged than it actually is. To employ this method, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a suitable resistance cable: You can easily purchase a resistance cable from an automotive or electronics store. Ensure it matches the voltage and amperage specifications of your golf cart.
  2. Connect the resistance cable: Disconnect the golf cart charger from the power outlet. Then, connect one end of the resistance cable to the golf cart battery’s positive terminal, and the other end with the negative terminal.  
  3. Connect the charger: With the resistance cable in place, plug in your golf cart charger as you normally would.
  4. Monitor the charging process: As the charger detects the resistance cable, it may initiate the charging process. Keep a close eye on the charger’s indicators to ensure it starts charging your dead battery.
  5. Disconnect when charging begins: Once the charger kicks into action, you can remove the resistance cable and reconnect your dead battery. This method can be effective in convincing the charger to begin charging a seemingly lifeless battery.

Use of Computerized Battery Tender to Trick the Charger

Modern battery tenders come equipped with smart technology that can often persuade a reluctant golf cart charger to engage. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Acquire a computerized battery tender: Purchase a battery tender designed for golf cart batteries. These devices have advanced charging algorithms that can revive deeply discharged batteries.
  2. Connect the battery tender: Attach the battery tender to your dead golf cart battery following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure it’s properly connected and powered.
  3. Monitor the tender’s progress: Battery tenders typically initiate a low-level charge to assess the battery’s condition. Allow it to run for some time and observe any changes in the charger’s behavior.
  4. Introduce the golf cart charger: After the battery tender has conditioned the battery for a while, connect your golf cart charger alongside it. The charger may now recognize the battery as viable and commence the charging process.
  5. Watch for signs of charging: Keep an eye on the charger’s indicators to confirm that it’s charging your previously dead battery. Once charging is underway, you can disconnect the battery tender.

Plug a Device that Consumes a Lot of Power into Your Dead Battery

Sometimes, all it takes to kickstart a charging process is to create a slight power draw. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Identify a high-power device: Find an electrical device that consumes a significant amount of power, such as a spotlight or a power tool.
  2. Connect the device: Attach the chosen device to your dead golf cart battery using appropriate connectors or cables. Make sure the connections are secure.
  3. Plug in the charger: Now, plug in your golf cart charger while the power-hungry device is connected to the battery.
  4. Monitor for charging: As the charger detects the power draw, it may initiate the charging process. Keep a close watch on the charger’s status lights to confirm it has started charging the battery.
  5. Disconnect when charging begins: Once you observe the charger actively charging the battery, disconnect the power-hungry device and allow the charger to continue its work.

These additional methods can provide alternative ways to trick your golf cart charger into breathing life back into a dead battery. However, please exercise caution and ensure safety measures are in place when attempting any of these techniques. If you’re uncertain or uncomfortable with any step, it’s advisable to consult a professional golf cart mechanic for assistance.

Final Thoughts

For reviving dead golf cart batteries, you can follow the above-mentioned methods to make your charger kick start. When you trick the charger, it starts charging thinking that the batteries have the required voltage.

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