How To Choose a Perfect Golf Push Cart For Your Needs?

how to choose the perfect golf push cart

Choosing the right golf push cart can enhance your golfing experience and relieve you of the burden of carrying heavy golf bags. However, choosing the best golf push cart can be challenging with so many options available. Continue reading, as this article will share tips on how to choose a golf push cart for your needs.

Golf Push Cart | A Brief Overview

A golf push cart is a wheeled trolley explicitly designed for transporting a golfer’s bag and clubs around a golf course. Instead of carrying their bags, golfers can place them on the push cart and easily wheel them from hole to hole. Here are some key points about golf push carts:

Design: They usually have three or four wheels for stability and are crafted to hold a standard golf bag securely.

Convenience: Golf push carts make it easier to traverse the course, especially if a golfer has a heavy bag filled with clubs, balls, and other equipment.

Health Benefits: Walking the course benefits cardiovascular health, and using a push cart means golfers can exercise without the strain of carrying a heavy bag on their shoulders.

Features: Many modern push carts have added features such as umbrella holders, brake systems, and storage compartments for balls, tees, scorecards, and drink holders.

Portability: Most golf push carts are foldable, allowing for easy transportation in a car and storage.

Cost-Effective: For those who regularly walk the course, a pushcart can be more economical than renting a motorized golf cart in the long run.

What Are The Benefits Of A Golf Push Cart?

how to choose golf push cart

There are several benefits of having golf push carts on the course. This includes

It Saves Energy

Carrying a golf bag with clubs on your back is exhausting; it takes all your energy, and you cannot play at your best. But with the help of golf push carts, you can save energy by carrying your golf bag with clubs, balls, and other things. 

It Provides Storage

Most push carts come with additional storage for balls, tees, water bottles, scorecards, and sometimes umbrella holders, which help golfers easily carry them all. 

Quickly Access Your Golf Clubs

When using a golf push cart, you can easily access your golf clubs by pulling them and making a shot, rather than taking them out of your bag, placing them on the ground, looking for the right one, and then making a shot. 

Easily Transportable

Push carts don’t take up much space, meaning they are easily transportable and fit into your vehicle. 

It Accommodates Easily

They can also accommodate a small seat, so you can easily catch your breath during a round, which is especially useful for older golf players. 

How to Choose a Golf Push Cart | 8 Tips

Whether you are playing for fun or if you are a professional golfer, you need the best golf push cart to transport your bag and golfing gear. Golf retail stores and the internet both carry a large selection of push carts. Before buying, these are some features to keep in mind:

Aluminum Frame

The cart should be well-constructed and straightforward to move around. A sturdy, scratch-resistant, and lightweight frame is something you should take into account. Aluminum is your finest option for frame components. Additionally, It is free of corrosion and rust.

Weight And Size

An easy-to-push design that is lightweight and able to climb slopes should be your first priority. A push cart should weigh at most 15 pounds in its optimal form. Senior folks and women can both benefit from the golf cart’s weight.

Braking System

The cart’s system of brakes is crucial. Over or beneath the push handle is where the brakes should be located. It will prevent runaway bags from ever happening and make the cart easier to handle as you roll it down the hill.


A three-ball clip, a cup holder, an accessory mount, a towel holder, and an umbrella clip holder are popular extras included with carts. You ought to have no trouble storing large cups and bottles in adjustable cup holders. An umbrella holder is necessary if you play outdoors frequently in inclement weather or blazing heat.

Compact Design

The golf cart should have a simple fold-up process that allows it to fit conveniently in the trunk of a car. The club heads ought to be far from the bag handle, and the bag should ride high when it is complete. The bag should be positioned conveniently upright to make it easy to access all of your clubs.

Handle Quality

To allow people of different heights to operate the cart, the handle’s quality should be strong and adaptable to around a 45-degree angle.

Tires and Wheels

Golf courses include a variety of terrains. Therefore, the wheels and tires must be large and sturdy to roll over smooth, more challenging terrain easily. The cart is easier to push along if the wheels are more extensive. A push cart made perfectly with airless, maintenance-free wheels that offer excellent balance and traction.

Read Reviews

Lastly, one of the finest things you can do is to read the reviews of different push carts. Many other brands and models of golf push carts are available in the market and online; you should read these reviews first and then make a buying decision. A review can be found online, and they provide unbiased opinions on different products. 

How Much Does A Push Cart Cost?

The Push carts are available for all budgets. Basic models cost $100, while other branded push carts cost over $500. The actual price of a push cart depends on brand, features, and materials. But you should always check local or internet shops’ prices for the most accurate information.

Final Thoughts

Push carts are essential for carrying heavy golf bags and relaxing their bodies for a while. The right push cart will enhance your game and overall golfing experience. So, research properly and make a wise decision to buy a perfect golf push cart for your needs. 

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