Golf Cart Steering Wheel Types and Sizes

golf cart steering wheel types

Having the right steering wheel enhances the driving experience. It guarantees a smooth and enjoyable ride.  In this article, we will explore golf cart steering wheel types and sizes.

Are All Golf Cart Steering Wheels the Same?

All golf cart steering wheels are not the same. Steering wheels come in different materials, sizes, and styles, with varying textures, looks, and feels. It depends on the manufacturer and model. 

Model-specific golf cart accessories and universal ones may be used with various vehicles. Therefore, picking a steering wheel that fits your needs, driving style, and golf cart’s manufacturer is crucial.

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Types

golf cart steering wheel types

The steering wheels of golf carts are available in a wide variety of materials and styles. Some settings emphasize grip for a firm grip, while others on smoothness to make steering more pleasant. 

Golf Cart Steering Wheels for Off-Road 

For rough terrains or off-road driving, firm grips are better. It offers more control over the steering wheel.  On these terrains, driving with a smooth grip would be challenging.

Tilt Steering Wheel for More Adjustments

Some people find it difficult to get in and out of the golf cart due to their weight. They want more room between the golf cart seat and the steering wheel.  Tilt steering wheels might help you with it. These steering wheels allow the same level of adjustment as car steering wheels. Also, more space is available between the car seat and the steering because of the tilted design. So, if you are tall or overweight, go for a tilted steering wheel. 

Golf Cart Steering Wheel with Different Finishing

Golf cart steering wheels come in different finishes. Golf cart enthusiasts can choose Bronze, Chrome, or Polished steering wheels. These finishes enable you to personalize your golf cart. So, choose the steering wheel finish that meets your taste and enhances your golf cart’s aesthetics. 

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Style

Aviator, Formula GT, Pilot, and other fashionable styles are popular with fashionistas. These unusual designs appeal to both aesthetics and utility lovers. Due to their uniqueness and attention to detail, these designs are sophisticated and elegant. Formula GT, pilot, or aviator styles are available. Select your preferred option!

Golf Cart Wheel Sizes

Now that we have covered the types of golf cart steering wheels, let’s explore another important factor: the diameter. Generally, a golf cart steering wheel’s diameter can range from 11.5″ to 14.5″. 

Given below are some standard sized of golf cart steering wheels:

  • Smaller Golf Cart Steering Wheel: The diameter of the smallest steering wheel that you can find on the market is 11.5 inches. It fits nicely in the hands and gives a minimalist feel to the overall look of your golf cart. 
  • Mid-Size Golf Cart Steering Wheel: The mid-size steering wheel ranges from 13-13.5 inches. You will find this size of the steering wheel on most golf carts. 
  • Large Golf Cart Steering Wheel: Any steering wheel bigger than 13.5 inches is considered a larger steering wheel. Normally, you will find larger steering in the 13.5 to 14.5 inches range. Having larger steering offers many benefits that we will discuss in a later section. 

Brand-Specific Steering Wheel Sizes

Here are some examples of golf cart steering wheel sizes for various manufacturers:

  • EZGO Golf Cart: The size of the steering wheel ranges of EZGO carts from 13 to 13.5 inches.
  • Club Car: The Steering wheels of the Club car fluctuate in size from 13.5 to 14 inches.
  • Yamaha Golf Cart: The steering wheels of Yamaha golf carts are generally 14 inches in size. 

What Material Is Used In Golf Cart Steering Wheels?

Different types of materials can be used to make golf cart steering wheels. Here is a list of some materials from which steering wheels are made:

Carbon Fiber: These steering wheels are popular for golf carts because of their long lifespans, lightweight construction, and high heat resistance.

PVC: Some golf cart steering wheels are constructed of premium PVC, which offers a firm grip and a clean appearance.

Leather: The most common material for golf cart steering wheels is leather, as It provides a more comfortable, cozy grip and a timeless appearance.

Neoprene: Another material used to make steering wheels for golf carts is neoprene. It is widely known for its longevity and resilience to chemicals and water.

What Are The Advantages of Larger Steering Wheel Sizes?

A larger steering wheel has several advantages. These are the top benefits:

Improved Control

Having a larger steering wheel will make it easier for you to grip much more comfortably. Especially in difficult driving conditions, it gives you better control over your vehicle. 

Easier Turning

When your steering wheel’s diameter is larger, it will make it easier to turn your wheels with less effort. 

Comfortable Grip

Those with bigger hands or who prefer a firm grip will find the larger steering wheel easy to use.

Safer Maneuvering

A larger steering wheel’s increased grip and control can lead to safer and more precise maneuvering on the road.

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Accessories

Golf cart steering wheel accessories enhance both the style and functionality of your car’s steering wheel. Popular accessories include steering wheel covers and adapters. The steering wheel cover protects and enhances the look of the steering wheel. On the other hand, adapters allow to use different steering wheel styles. 

These accessories add a personal touch to your golf cart, making your driving experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Why Do You Need An Adapter?

Many people wonder why they need an adapter for their golf cart steering wheel. Here are some reasons to consider:

Fit: Not all steering wheels are compatible with every golf cart. An adapter allows you to use any steering wheel you like on your golf cart, ensuring a proper fit.

Convenience: Using an adapter makes the installation of a new golf cart steering wheel much easier and more straightforward.

When buying a steering wheel, make sure to check if it includes an adapter. Some steering wheels may not come with one, so it’s essential to be aware of this beforehand.

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Covers

golf cart steering wheel covers

Golf cart steering wheel covers protect your steering wheel from damage and enhance its appearance. They are available in a variety of materials, designs, and colors, providing a comfortable grip and adding personality to your golf cart. 

Here are some benefits of steering wheel covers. 

Improved Grip: During wet or slippery conditions, the steering wheel covers provide a secure grip, ensure better control, and reduce the risk of accidents. 

Enhanced Comfort: 

The cover adds a cushioning layer, making the steering wheel more comfortable to hold, particularly during long rides, and reducing hand fatigue.

Protection from Wear and Tear: Over time, the steering wheel can be susceptible to fading, cracking, or peeling. A steering wheel cover acts as a shield, preserving the original wheel and extending its lifespan.

Personalized Style: Many designs and styles are available in the market. With this unique design and eye-catching color of the steering wheel cover, you allow it to add 

touch of personality and uniqueness to your golf cart’s interior, making it stand out from the crowd.

Cost-Effective Upgrade: purchasing a costly steering wheel is only sometimes a good idea. You can buy a budget-friendly steering wheel cover that increases your golf cart’s functionality and appearance. 

How To Install A Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover?

If you want to add a steering wheel cover to your golf cart but need to know how to do it., follow these easy steps. 


Make sure that the steering wheel cover fits your golf cart’s steering wheel before you begin. The majority of covers are made to fit steering wheels with a standard diameter between 12.5 and 14.5 inches.

Prepare the cover: Depending on the cover’s material, you might need to clean it before installing it. If the material is cloth or neoprene, gently stretch it to make it more flexible and simpler to fit over the steering wheel. Make sure it is clean and clear of any debris or filth if your cover is made of leather or comparable material.

Align the cover: Place the cover over the steering wheel after it has been prepared, carefully aligning it with the top center of the wheel. For a balanced appearance, take your time to make sure the cover is dispersed around the wheel equally.

Start at the top: Gently place the cover over the wheel and proceed to carefully work your way around, making necessary adjustments along the journey.

Tuck and secure: Once the cover is secured, look for any extra material and neatly tuck it beneath the steering wheel rim. As a result, the cover won’t slip or move while you’re driving and will fit more securely. Ensure the cover is distributed uniformly, without any creases or loose spots.

Adjust and smooth: Spend a moment adjusting the cover to the steering wheel, making sure that it’s properly centered and aligned. To present a tidy and expert image, remove any wrinkles or folds.

How To Replace A Golf Cart Steering Wheel?

To replace a golf cart steering wheel, follow these steps:

  • Remove the old steering wheel carefully.
  • Align the new wheel onto the shaft.
  • Secure it in place with the provided hardware.

For more detailed guides, check out our articles on “How to Remove a Golf Cart Steering Wheel” and “How to Align Golf Cart Steering Wheel” Happy reading!

Things To Consider While Buying A Golf Cart Steering Wheel

When selecting a steering wheel for your golf cart, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:


The first thing to consider is the steering wheel’s size. Golf cart steering wheels come in both large and small diameters. Depending on your preference, you must choose between a larger or smaller wheel.


It’s essential to ensure that the steering wheel you choose fits your specific golf cart. Look for a steering wheel with a compatible hub adapter for easy installation.


The installation process may vary depending on your selected steering wheel. Before making a purchase, be sure you understand and are comfortable with the installation requirements.


While not all steering wheels require an adapter for installation, some do. Determine whether the wheel you want needs an adapter or not.

Grip and Cover

Pay attention to the construction of the grip on the steering wheel. A comfortable and secure grip is crucial for an enjoyable driving experience. Additionally, consider the material used for the cover, as it can influence the driving feel.


Selecting the appropriate steering wheel is crucial to prevent unnecessary replacement expenses and safeguard your golf cart from potential damage. We hope this comprehensive guide on golf cart steering wheel types and sizes will help you find the best option.

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