Golf Cart Locks | Best Way To Prevent Theft

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Have you ever experienced the sinking feeling of discovering your golf cart missing? It’s a gut-wrenching moment that can leave you shocked and saddened all at once. The truth is golf cart theft is a real threat that can happen to anyone. 

However, you don’t need to fear! There are simple steps you can take to ensure your golf cart remains right where it belongs—with you. Getting the right golf cart locks is one of the effective anti-theft strategies.    

So, if you’re ready to protect your prized ride and enjoy peace of mind on the course, read on and discover these practical ways to safeguard your golf cart from potential thieves.

Golf Cart Locks | Unbeatable protection

Here are some practical steps that can ensure your golf cart safety:  

Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel lock is the same as car steering wheel locks. There are different types of golf cart steering wheels available in the market. It’s an extendable bar that is hooked on either end. You can’t remove the golf cart steering wheel until you don’t have the key to unlock it. 

When a golfer buys a steering wheel lock, they consider its security. So, you must lock it whenever you park your cart and unlock it when you use it. This lock needs storage, so you must manage it if you don’t have storage in your cart. However, if you installed a GPS unit, you can also install it to enhance your cart’ security. 

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Golf Cart Locks for Tires

A wheel boot, also known as a tire clamp, is a robust device designed to securely attach to one of the tires on your golf cart. It effectively immobilizes the cart by preventing the wheel’s ability to turn or rotate.

tire lock

Pedal Lock

The functionality of the pedal lock is the same as the steering wheel lock. But it will keep your cart in its position; due to the pedal lock, you can’t move a lot. When you apply a pedal lock on your cart, it has a key to ensure that when you park your cart, it will be with you, not within the cart. It’s also the cheapest but most effective process to prevent your cart from being stolen. 

peddle lock

Additional Measures 

Here are some additional steps to secure your golf cart:

Install A Gps Unit

Installing a GPS unit in your golf cart is one of the effective ways to track your cart. It’s installed within your cart, which is hidden and monitored through your mobile devices. Therefore if anyone steals your cart and starts driving it, you can easily track your cart due to the GPS unit. It is the cheapest way to keep an eye on your cart. 

Hidden Kill Switch

A hidden kill switch is a switch that is installed in your cart for security purposes. It’s installed hidden in your cart so thieves don’t detect it. Its purpose is when a thief starts to run a cart; it doesn’t run even when it’s hot-wired. 

So, it seems like a technical issue that needs to be repaired. This way, they will leave your cart, and it will be safe and secure. But make sure that you remember to unlock it when you use it. 

Unique Key

Golf carts have the same key from the manufacturer’s site. All EZGO golf carts have the same universal keys. So, your golf cart may be stolen easily. That’s the rare case in a community where there are many golf carts, and anybody can use it either mistakenly or intentionally. So, the best way is to have a unique key. 

A local golf cart repair can make a custom key for you so that you’re the only person who has your cart’s access. If you don’t install a GPS unit, you can lose it forever. So make sure to have a separate unique key.

How To Store Golf Carts Safely

The chances of your golf cart being stolen are more when you park it without taking precautions. Consider the following safety measures for protecting your golf cart. 

Cover For Outdoor Parking Of Golf Carts

The best way to protect your golf cart from being stolen is to keep your cart indoors. But if you don’t have a space in your garage, you can keep it outside, but there are several ways to protect your outdoor cart; these are:

  • It would be best to park your cart so it is out of sight of the traffic. 
  • If you have a cart, don’t tell others; otherwise, they are always in your way to take it. 
  • Next, you should cover your cart when it’s outdoors. This way, you can protect your cart from being stolen. 

Most of the time, a thief needs a quick process to steal your cart. But due to your cart cover and time consumption, they will leave their plan halfway. 

Park Cart Indoor And Lock The Doors

If you can, store your golf car indoors. This will prevent your golf cart from being stolen and may extend its longevity. If you park your cart within, lock the garage or barn. If thieves break in, you want them to avoid stealing the cart. Check the battery charger when parking an electric cart indoors, as it may provide a fire risk. Never use a gas cart in a garage or indoors. If you put it inside, your cart will be safe from weather, animals, and thieves.

Park Cart Close To You

If you’re going somewhere on your cart, keep it close to your area. It means park it in an area where you can keep an eye on it. Check your cart several times so that the other people ensure that you’re the owner of this cart – it’s not an unowned property. When people see you near your cart, there are fewer chances of theft. If you leave your cart untouched for a long time, you should enhance its security by installing different golf cart locks devices. 

Security Spotlight

Security spotlights are a great security feature to secure your home as well as your golf cart. It’s a motion-sensing device; whenever a motion in your home or your cart is detected, a spotlight will illuminate, indicating that your home or cart is not protected or that something is stealing from your cart. These spotlights are great ways to enhance your home’s backyard and front door security. 


Last but not least are cameras. Although it’s the same as a spotlight, you can watch your golf cart’s motion on your mobile screen instead of illuminating it. You can see exactly what happened with your cart and share that video with law enforcement agencies to get your cart back to you. So there are several benefits of installing cameras; you can also monitor other activities. 

Is There Golf Cart Theft Insurance?

In addition to Progressive, numerous insurance providers extend their coverage to include golf cart insurance. When it comes to insuring your golf cart, comprehensive coverage is an essential aspect to consider. This type of insurance provides protection against theft and safeguards your golf cart from any potential damage caused by vandalism. In the event of a covered incident, your policy has the potential to provide coverage for the repair or replacement expenses.

How Do You Lock An Electric Golf Cart?

To lock an electric golf cart, here are safety precautions you should take:

  • Remove the key from the ignition when not in use.
  • Use a steering wheel lock as a visible deterrent.
  • Consider electronic locking systems for advanced security.
  • Park in a secure location or use a heavy-duty lock to secure the cart.


Following our top tips to protect your golf cart, you can have peace of mind and keep your valuable ride safe. Use reliable golf cart locks, stay alert, and discourage potential thieves. With these measures in place, your golf cart will stay right where it belongs—with you. Enjoy the game, knowing your prized possession is secure by your side.

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