Golf Cart Horn Not Working | Top Causes and Solutions 2023

golf cart horn not working

Is your golf cart horn not working? Is it so? Wondering why your golf cart horn gets stuck—no voice? 

It might result from a broken wire, a bad relay, or a blown fuse. All these problems lead to horn suspension. How do you resolve the issue where multiple factors affect your golf cart horn? In this guide, you will find the best and easiest methods to get back the lost voice of your cart’s horn.  

7 Potential Causes and Solutions Why Your Golf Cart Horn Not Working 

There are several reasons why your golf cart horn is not working, but the main reason is a damaged relay or blown fuse. Below, I mention the potential reasons, along with solutions on how to address each issue:

7 potential causes and solution why your golf cart horn is not working

Blown Fuse

A blown fuse occurs when the current flowing through it exceeds its rated capacity, which causes the wire to melt or break down the circuit. In general, the fuse is located under the seat or dashboard of the golf cart. But in modern carts, it’s located within the engine compartment. You can identify it by a visible break or burn mark in the small metal strip or wire inside the fuse’s clear plastic or glass body. 

The best solution is to replace the blown fuse with a new one of the same rating. Replace its cover and test it. 

Broken Or Loose Wire

If your golf cart horn is not working, it can be due to a broken or loose wire. You should inspect the reason first and perform a multimeter test. Set the multimeter to the continuity mode and connect one probe to one end and another probe to the other end. If the multimeter doesn’t show any readings or doesn’t beep, it means that your wire is broken. 

If your wire is broken, get a new one with the same length and gauge and replace it with that. Carefully cut the wire to avoid any damage. 

If your wire is loose, reattach it to the terminal and retighten it. 

Faulty Horn Button Switch

There might be a reason why your car’s horn is not working due to a faulty horn button switch. You can visually inspect the button while checking for any damage or dirt, or grime coming over it. You can either check the clicking sound or check the issue with a multimeter test. If you find out it is inaccurate, you should replace it. 

You can replace it by disconnecting the batteries and removing the faulty button. After that, replace it with a new horn button by reconnecting the batteries. Lastly, test the button before leaving it. 

Dead Or Weak Battery

If you check out all the components and find an issue with the battery, it might be why your horn is not beeping. You can check the battery performance issue with a multimeter. Check the appropriate voltage for it. A fully charged golf cart battery shows a 12 to 14 volts reading. If you have a lower voltage, it means that your battery is dead. 

You can recover it by recharging the battery; if it sounds inappropriate, you can replace it with a new one. 

Bad Horn Relay

If everything seems fine, your horn may be bad. You can visually check whether its beep (sound) is fine or not. If it sounds inappropriate, it means that your horn is damaged. 

You can replace the bad horn relay with the new one. But you should first check and test all the connections coming towards the horn. There might be a cause, which is mentioned above. After it seems well, you can replace it. 

Broken Clock Spring

Your Golf’s spiral cable or clockspring connects the steering wheel buttons (including the horn button) to the vehicle’s electrical systems while allowing the wheel to turn between the steering wheel and the steering column. The clockspring’s delicate wires might be broken during servicing or continuous use.

It would be best to replace the damaged clock spring with a new one. You can also repair it if it goes well. 


Due to continuous use, corrosion builds up over the battery terminals, affecting the golf cart’s overall performance. It would be best to clean golf cart batteries or battery terminals with proper caution to increase their performance and lifespan. 

What Issues Have You Faced Due To A Bad Golf Cart Horn?

Due to bad or malfunctioning golf cart horn, I faced several issues such as:

  • It leads to Safety Concerns because you can’t alert others about your presence and other dangers. 
  • Operating a damaged golf cart horn results in penalties and regulatory compliance violations.  
  • Faulty horns lead to less communication with others (signal warning), which leads to accidents. 
  • A golf cart with a broken horn might be frustrating. Hand gestures and vocal warnings are often used to communicate in this situation. A broken golf cart horn can frustrate drivers and fellow golfers and slow the game’s advancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wire a golf cart horn?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional to properly wire a golf cart horn for optimal functionality and safety.

Why is the club car golf cart horn not working?

Possible reasons for a non-working Club Car golf cart horn include a blown fuse, faulty wiring, a defective horn button, or a malfunctioning horn that may need replacement.

Why is the EZGO golf cart horn not working?

The EZGO golf cart horn may not work due to issues like a blown fuse, loose or broken wiring, a faulty horn button, or a defective horn that requires replacement.

Why is the Yamaha golf cart horn not working?

The Yamaha golf cart horn might not be working due to problems such as a blown fuse, damaged or loose wiring, a malfunctioning horn switch, or a faulty horn that may need to be replaced.

Why are golf cart lights not functioning properly?

Golf cart lights may not function properly due to issues like blown fuses, loose or damaged wiring, faulty light switches, or defective light bulbs that need replacement.

Final Note

There might be several reasons for golf cart horns not working properly. But it would be best to look at the most appropriate cause, such as a blown fuse and faulty horn. But I mention clearly how you can fix all issues while taking proper safety precautions, and you can also consult with the manufacturer. 

Van Douglas

Van Douglas

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