Best Golf Courses in North Carolina

Best Golf Courses in North Carolina

Situated in the Southeast of the country, North Carolina is home to an abundance of excellent golf courses that suit a variety of tastes and ability levels. The “best” golf course can be viewed in a very subjective manner, as it varies depending on personal preferences, playing styles, and priorities. Still, North Carolina has a wide range of excellent golfing locations that are well-regarded for a number of important reasons:

22 Best Golf Courses in North Carolina

1. Pinehurst No. 2

Feature: The turtleback greens at Pinehurst No. 2 present a formidable challenge to golfers due to their steep slopes.

Hole: The 5th hole on Pinehurst No. 2 is infamous for its tight fairway and punishing bunkers that put a player’s accuracy and strategy to the test.

Pinehurst No. 2 is one of the best golf courses in North Carolina that’s open to the public. As part of the Pinehurst Resort, golfers can enjoy a variety of courses here, though reservations are usually needed to guarantee a tee time. Renowned architect Donald Ross created this golf course, situated in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It is regarded as one of the most renowned golf courses in the world due to its distinctive style, difficult layout, and lengthy history.

2. Wade Hampton Golf Club

Feature: Wade Hampton Golf Club offers an incredibly gorgeous round of golf against a breathtaking mountainous setting.

Hole: Wade Hampton Golf Club’s 14th hole presents players with a tricky dogleg and a stunning waterfall.

Since Wade Hampton Golf Club is a private facility, only its members and visitors may play there. Wade Hampton Golf Club provides a flawless and difficult golf experience in a wonderful natural location. It is tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

3. Old Town Club

Feature: The course offers a superb golfing experience thanks to its immaculate fairways and greens.

Hole: With its stunning water hazard, the iconic 12th hole tests players’ strategic accuracy.

Old Town Club provides members-only private access and public play on certain days. It offers both private and public golfing experiences. Nestled in a tranquil setting, Old Town Club is a lovely golf course renowned for its demanding layout and classic beauty.

4. Diamond Creek

Features: Diamond Creek is a golfer’s dream with well-kept greens, difficult water hazards, and an opulent clubhouse.

Hole: Hole 7: This lovely par-3 offers a peaceful and difficult tee-off experience with a natural rock waterfall as the backdrop.

Diamond Creek Golf Course is a private golf course. With its lush fairways and breathtaking views, Diamond Creek Golf Course is a picturesque refuge tucked away among rolling hills, providing players with a perfect getaway.

5. Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club

Feature: This course boasts a challenging 18-hole layout designed by Tom Fazio, providing golfers with breathtaking mountain vistas at every turn.

Hole: The 17th hole is the trademark hole. It’s a par 3 that demands a precise tee shot over a picturesque lake to a well-protected green, giving golfers a memorable challenge.

Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club is a private golf course. A top golf resort that is tucked away in the center of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Architect Tom Fazio created this magnificent course, which features 18 difficult holes to play. With breathtaking views of the mountains, every hole provides a different and picturesque experience. Golfers looking for a top-notch golfing experience combined with breathtaking natural surroundings should not miss the course’s trademark 17th hole, a par-3 over a serene lake.

6. Eagle Point Golf Club

Feature: This golf course provides an unforgettable golfing experience with its demanding water hazards, rolling topography, and flawless greens.

Hole: One of the most scenic holes on the course is hole 9, a par-3 that offers a stunning perspective of the surrounding mountains.

Eagle Point Golf Club is a private golf course. It’s a haven for golfers, providing a perfect fusion of scenic surroundings and demanding gameplay. This course, which is surrounded by undulating fairways, has well-kept greens, winding water hazards, and breathtaking views. A par-3 treasure, hole 9 has a beautiful mountain backdrop that perfectly captures the course’s aesthetic appeal. In a calm and beautiful environment, Eagle Point Golf Club offers a remarkable golfing experience for both experienced players and beginners.

7. Quail Hollow Club

Features: Quail Hollow is a golfer’s paradise with immaculately maintained greens and a history of PGA Championships.

Hole: With its water-guarded green and lovely surroundings, the 17th hole at Quail Hollow Club is a picturesque par-3 that requires accuracy.

Quail Hollow Club is also one of the best golf courses in North Carolina; that’s a private golf course. A well-known golfing gem, Quail Hollow Club is situated in the gorgeous state of North Carolina. Golfers will find the lush fairways winding through old trees to be both beautiful and challenging. Quail Hollow is a golfer’s dream, boasting well-groomed greens and a distinguished history of hosting the PGA Championship. The stunning par-3 17th hole, which is encircled by water, is a prime example of the course’s elegance and requires accuracy from players.

8. Grandfather Golf & Country Club

Feature: This course boasts challenging elevation changes and stunning mountain vistas.

Hole: The signature hole, the 17th, offers a thrilling tee shot over a gorge, setting the stage for a memorable round.

A private golf course is Grandfather Golf & Country Club. Nestled in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Grandfather Golf & Country Club is a golfer’s paradise. The difficult elevation variations on this painstakingly constructed course contrast with the magnificent mountain views. The 17th hole is a standout feature that enhances the appeal of this golf resort. It requires a bold tee shot over a gorgeous canyon.

9. Pinehurst No. 4

Feature: This course will put players of all ability levels to the test with its difficult greens and organic elevation changes.

Hole: Known as “The Cathedral,” the par-3 15th hole is a trademark course that rewards accuracy with a stunning location amidst thick trees and sandy waste areas.

Pinehurst No. 4 is a public golf course. A golfer’s dream come true, Pinehurst No. 4 is tucked away in the stunning North Carolina Sandhills. Gil Hanse created this breathtaking course, which features undulating fairways, sharp greens, and significant elevation changes. Golfers of all abilities are enthralled with its clever arrangement. Encircled by towering trees and sandy waste areas, the famous 15th hole, “The Cathedral,” offers a stunning and unique golfing experience.

10. Charlotte Country Club

Feature: This esteemed course offers a demanding and beautiful playing experience because of its immaculately maintained fairways and lush greens.

Hole: Hole #9, the trademark hole of Charlotte Country Club, has a beautiful water hazard and calls for a well-placed tee shot.

Charlotte Country Club is a private golf course. The beloved jewel of North Carolina, Charlotte Country Club, radiates classic elegance and golfing heritage. The fairways and greens of this ancient course are kept in immaculate condition, offering golfers a demanding and breathtaking experience. One of the club’s most notable features is the hallmark hole, #9, a scenic par-4 that plays around a stunning water hazard and is nestled among lush surroundings. It demands strategy and accuracy.

11. Biltmore Forest Country Club

Features: This beautiful course features difficult greens and immaculate fairways that make for a memorable round of golf.

Hole: Known for its breathtaking views and difficult tee shot over water, the par-3 17th hole at Biltmore Forest Country Club is the club’s trademark hole.

Biltmore Forest Country Club is a private golf course. A top golf venue, Biltmore Forest Country Club is located in North Carolina’s stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. This elite course provides golfers with an experience they won’t soon forget thanks to its immaculate fairways, difficult greens, and stunning surroundings. This magnificent golf course’s standout hole is the par-3 17th, which demands a risky tee shot over water.

12. Tobacco Road Golf Club

Feature: Golfers may expect a memorable and demanding experience thanks to its tough terrain and distinctive design.

Hole: The iconic 5th hole offers a thrilling test of skill with its stunning elevated tee shot and well-placed bunker.

A public golf course is Tobacco Road Golf Club. Nestled amidst North Carolina’s undulating hills, Tobacco Road Golf Club is an incredibly remarkable golf resort. This unusual course, which was carved out of a disused sand quarry, offers a challenging yet breathtaking environment. The 5th hole is a standout feature that offers an exciting experience with its well-placed bunker and high tee shot. Golfers who play this exquisitely crafted course are in for an exciting, difficult, and memorable round.

13. Roaring Gap Club

Feature:This course features meticulously manicured fairways, undulating greens, and a serene mountainous backdrop.

Hole: The signature hole at Roaring Gap Club is the par-3 7th, known for its breathtaking elevated tee shot over a deep ravine.

A private golf course is called Roaring Gap Club. A picturesque golf course, Roaring Gap Club is situated within the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains. It offers golfers a gorgeous and captivating golfing experience with its well-kept fairways and difficult greens. The par-3 seventh hole, which offers a thrilling elevated tee shot across a steep ravine, is the course’s most notable feature. Golfers will find it to be an unforgettable and gorgeous challenge.

14. Forest Creek Golf Club: North Course

Feature: Top-notch golfing is offered by immaculately kept fairways and greens.

Hole: The iconic 12th hole challenges players’ nerves and accuracy with its gorgeous island green.

The North Course at Forest Creek Golf Club is a private golf facility. The North Course at Forest Creek Golf Club is a golfing jewel that blends beautiful woodlands with immaculate fairways and greens, all nestled within the serene serenity of the area. Golfers discover a harmonic blend of nature and difficult play in a quiet, gorgeous setting on its intriguing 12th hole, which features an island green. It is a must-visit location for golf aficionados seeking both adrenaline and leisure.

15. Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club

Feature: Distinguished by its recognizable Donald Ross-designed layout that tests players’ ability to strategically bunker and navigate undulating greens.

Hole: Golfers are enthralled with the gorgeous water feature and difficult shot selection of the classic par-3 15th hole.

A private golf course is called Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club. Situated in the peaceful North Carolina Sandhills, Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club is a well-known destination for golf fans. The difficult Donald Ross-designed course, renowned for its strategic bunkering and undulating greens, is the focal point of this ancient retreat. Pine Needles is an iconic par-3 course with a stunning water hazard on the 15th hole, among many other notable features that make it a must-play for serious players.

16. Linville Golf Club

Feature: The beautifully tended fairways and breathtaking views of the mountains make Linville Golf Club a golfer’s dream come true.

Hole: The Linville Golf Club’s iconic 11th hole is a tee shot over a ravine with the Linville River below. It’s an absolutely gorgeous and unforgettable experience.

The golf course at Linville Golf Club is private. The charming golf resort of Linville Golf Club is situated in North Carolina’s tranquil Blue Ridge Mountains. Golfers can enjoy breathtaking mountain views as they wind through a lush, natural setting on its immaculate courses. Golfers wanting both talent and scenery should not miss the club’s trademark 11th hole, which features a dramatic tee shot over a ravine and captures the demanding yet beautiful character of the course.

17. Southern Pines Golf Club

Feature: Featuring an 18-hole course that is fair and challenging for players of all ability levels, it is immaculately maintained.

Hole: Nestled between towering pines, the par-3 15th hole is the hallmark hole. It requires a perfect tee shot over water to a well-bunkered green.

A public golf course is located at Southern Pines Golf Club. An exquisite golfing experience can be had at Southern Pines Golf Club, which is tucked away in the heart of the South. Golfers can find peace and quiet on this course with its well-kept pine-lined greens and lush, rolling fairways. The 18-hole design offers a challenge and fun for players of different skill levels. The spectacular par-3 15th hole is the highlight of the course. It demands a calculated tee shot over water to a gorgeously bunkered green encircled by towering pines.

18. Elk River Club

Features: This course is a golfer’s dream come true with its well-kept fairways and greens.

Hole: The iconic 18th hole offers a breathtaking, downhill par 4 against a backdrop of immaculate mountains, making it an unforgettable way to end your round.

The golf course at Elk River Club is exclusive. Nestled in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, Elk River Club provides a unique golfing experience. Golf aficionados of all skill levels will find this course challenging with its immaculate fairways and greens. The course’s challenge and beauty are perfectly encapsulated by the picturesque par-4 18th hole, which makes Elk River Club a must-visit location for anybody looking for both natural beauty and championship golf.

19. Dormie Club

Features: Players may fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the game thanks to the course’s breathtaking, natural setting, which is free of houses and other distractions.

Hole: The par-3 16th hole at Dormie Club is a famous feature that offers players a beautiful yet difficult test since it is encircled by tranquil water.

The golf course at Dormie Club is exclusive. Nestled in the peaceful North Carolina sandhills, Dormie Club is a golfer’s dream that combines breathtaking scenery with demanding gameplay. With no outside interruptions, this immaculate course provides golfers with a quiet, unadulterated golfing experience. The iconic 16th hole at Dormie Club, a par-3 with a surrounding water feature, is tucked away among rolling terrain and perfectly captures the course’s stunning yet challenging layout.

20. Linville Ridge

Features: This course has an extremely difficult layout, lots of elevation changes, and excellent conditions.

Hole: Linville Ridge’s iconic ninth hole presents a breathtaking downhill tee shot with an expansive view of the surrounding mountains.

The golf course known as Linville Ridge Golf Course is private. The breathtaking golfing experience at Linville Ridge Golf Course is provided by its idyllic location in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Its immaculate fairways snake through the beautiful alpine scenery, offering breathtaking views and dramatic elevation changes around every corner. The course’s famous ninth hole, which requires a downward tee shot with a view of the gorgeous mountains, is a perfect example of the natural beauty and difficulties that golfers may expect from Linville Ridge.

21. High Hampton Resort: High Hampton

Features: Enjoy an 18-hole golf course while taking in the breathtaking natural scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Hole: High Hampton’s flagship hole has an exquisite elevated tee shot against a gorgeous mountain background.

The golf course at High Hampton is private. High Hampton Resort Set in the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, High Hampton is home to an enthralling golf course. Golfers may enjoy the peaceful serenity of the surrounding landscape, complete with expansive mountain panoramas, thanks to the difficult 18-hole layout. The hallmark hole offers a totally immersive and unique golfing experience. It is an elevated tee shot framed by craggy peaks. It is a golfer’s heaven.

22. Champion Hills Club

Features: This course has an advanced clubhouse, a difficult layout, and immaculately maintained fairways and greens.

Hole: Hole #17 is a lovely par-3 that offers both beauty and difficulty. It is encircled by dense vegetation and a calm pond.

The golf course at Champion Hills Club is private. The magnificent Champion Hills Club is a golf course that is nestled in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. It provides golfers with an amazing experience with its immaculate fairways and greens, strategic layout, and contemporary clubhouse. The gorgeous course’s 17th hole is a standout due to its intriguing par-3 design and rich foliage. The hole is especially noteworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Pinehurst No. 2 worth playing?

Pinehurst No. 2 is considered one of the most iconic golf courses in the United States and is certainly worth playing for its challenging layout and historical significance.

2. Can non-members play at private golf courses in North Carolina?

While some private golf clubs in North Carolina allow non-members to play as guests, it’s generally recommended to check with the club in advance to inquire about their guest policies.

3. Are there affordable public golf courses in North Carolina?

North Carolina offers a range of public golf courses at various price points, making it accessible to golfers with different budgets. Some well-regarded affordable options include Tobacco Road Golf Club and Lonnie Poole Golf Course.

4. Which golf courses in North Carolina offer scenic mountain views?

Courses in the mountainous regions of North Carolina, such as those in the Asheville area, offer stunning scenic views. Notable options include the Grove Park Inn Golf Course and the Omni Grove Park Inn Golf Course.

5. What is the best time to play golf in North Carolina?

The spring and fall months typically offer the best weather for golf in North Carolina. Summers can be hot and humid, while winters may have less favorable conditions.

6. Are there golf courses in North Carolina suitable for beginners?

Many golf courses in North Carolina cater to golfers of all skill levels. Some courses offer beginner-friendly tee options and practice facilities.

7. Can I book tee times in advance at North Carolina golf courses?

Many golf courses in North Carolina allow golfers to book tee times in advance, and it’s advisable to do so, especially for popular courses.

8. Are there special golf packages available for tourists in North Carolina?

Many golf resorts and destinations in North Carolina offer golf packages that can include accommodations, rounds of golf, and other amenities. It’s a convenient way for tourists to experience the state’s golf offerings.

9. What are some signature holes at North Carolina golf courses?

Signature holes vary by course, but you can find challenging and picturesque holes at many North Carolina golf courses, with features such as water hazards, elevation changes, and unique designs.


Champion Hills Club is one of the greatest golf courses in the lush terrain of North Carolina, a state well-known for its golfing history. Located amidst the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, this exclusive golf course provides an unmatched golfing encounter. It has established a reputation as one of North Carolina’s top golf destinations thanks to its immaculate fairways, demanding course, and tranquil atmosphere. For golfers looking for the best in the Tar Heel State, Champion Hills Club is a must-visit since it is a tribute to the state’s long golfing legacy.

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