Exploring the Best Golf Courses in Michigan

Best Golf Courses in Michigan

Over 800 golf courses in Michigan, a state frequently praised as an idyllic sanctuary for golf fans, are available to suit the individual preferences and ability levels of each player. If you enjoy playing golf and are looking for a fun round, or if you are a seasoned pro looking for a challenging round, Michigan’s golfing environment offers a variety of possibilities to satisfy your needs.

Michigan is a fantastic place for golf lovers. There are fancy private golf courses for a special experience and more relaxed public ones for fun and social golfing. Michigan’s natural beauty adds to the golfing experience with a variety of course designs. This means everyone can find the perfect time to play golf and enjoy their game. In this guide, we have shortlisted the 24 best golf courses in Michigan, where you will get an unforgettable golfing experience.

24 Best Golf Courses in Michigan

24 Best Golf Courses in Michigan

How We Rank Golf Courses

Our golf course rankings are determined through a thorough assessment based on several key factors:

  1. Course Design and Layout: Evaluating creativity, strategic challenges, and overall aesthetics.
  2. Course Condition and Maintenance: Assessing the quality of fairways, greens, bunkers, and overall turf maintenance.
  3. Reputation and Prestige: Considering history, tournament hosting, recognition, and golfer reviews.
  4. Challenging and Fair Gameplay: Evaluating difficulty level while ensuring fairness for varying skill levels.
  5. Amenities and Services: Review facilities, practice areas, dining, customer service, and more.
  6. Customer Feedback and Reviews: Incorporating golfer feedback to gauge satisfaction and perception.
  7. Environmental Sustainability: Recognizing eco-friendly practices and environmental stewardship.
  8. Value for Money: Evaluating the overall value provided in relation to green fees.

Through this assessment, we aim to provide golf enthusiasts with a reliable and comprehensive ranking system to help them choose golf courses that best suit their preferences and expectations.

1. Crystal Downs Country Club (Frankfort)

Feature: Prestigious and stunning lakeside course.

Hole: Hole 6 – A par-4 with Lake Michigan as the backdrop, demanding precise tee shots to avoid the natural hazards

Crystal Downs Country Club in Frankfort, Michigan, is a private golf course. One of the most prominent golf courses in Michigan and a perennial contender for the top spot nationwide is Crystal Downs. It offers stunning surroundings and a variety of difficult holes that will put your talents to the test. It is tucked away along the beaches of Lake Michigan.

2. Oakland Hills Country Club (Bloomfield Hills)

Feature: Rich history of hosting major championships.

Hole: Hole 16 – A challenging par-4 with a well-guarded green, often a pivotal point during tournaments.

The Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, is a private golf course. Oakland Hills, another gem in Michigan’s crown for golf, has hosted prestigious events, including the PGA Championship and U.S. Open. It is a golfer’s paradise with its difficult course and lovely surroundings.

3. Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club (Arcadia)

Feature: Public course with breathtaking Lake Michigan views.

Hole: Hole 11 – A par-3 known as “The Lighthouse” offers a spectacular tee shot over a ravine to a green by Lake Michigan.

Public golf course Arcadia Bluffs is quickly earning recognition on a national level. It offers breathtaking views of Lake Michigan while testing your golfing skills, leaving you wanting more. It is perched on bluffs overlooking the lake.

4. Kingsley Club (Kingsley)

Feature: Exclusive private club set in picturesque surroundings.

Hole: Hole 14 – A par-4 with a tree-lined fairway and a picturesque green framed by the woods.

This private golf course is renowned for its difficult layout and alluring surroundings and is located right in the middle of Michigan’s golf paradise. The privilege of a golfer is an invitation here.

5. Lost Dunes Golf Club (Bridgman)

Feature: Public course with unique sand dune features.

Hole: Hole 3 – A par-4 where players must navigate a rolling fairway and dunes on both sides.

Southwest Michigan’s Lost Dunes is a public treasure that offers a special golfing experience thanks to its complicated design and distinguishing sand dune features.

6. Forest Dunes Golf Club (Roscommon)

Feature: Pristine course nestled in a forested landscape.

Hole: Hole 9 – A par-5 known as “The Volcano” with a strategic bunker in the middle of the fairway.

The Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon, Michigan, is a public golf course. With its immaculate fairways and difficult layout, Forest Dunes provides an exquisite golf experience while being tucked away in a stunning natural setting.

7. True North Golf Club (Mackinaw City)

Feature: Exclusive private course with a Northern Michigan charm.

Hole: Hole 7 – A par-4 that demands precision with water coming into play on the approach shot.

True North Golf Club in Mackinaw City, Michigan, is a private golf club. Golfers are drawn to True North by its superb layout, which offers a seamless fusion of difficult holes amidst breathtaking northern Michigan surroundings.

8. Bay Harbor Golf Club (Bay Harbor)

Feature: Spectacular Lake Michigan views and three distinctive courses.

Hole: Hole 17 (Links) – A challenging par-4 with Lake Michigan on one side and a dramatic quarry on the other.

The Bay Harbor Golf Club (Bay Harbor) is a private golf course. Bay Harbor, which overlooks Lake Michigan, is a golfer’s dream with beautiful views and immaculately maintained courses.

9. Tullymore Golf Resort (Stanwood)

Feature: Part of a resort offering upscale amenities.

Hole: Hole 18 – A par-5 finishing hole with a picturesque waterfall guarding the green.

Tullymore Golf Resort in Stanwood, Michigan, includes both public and private golf courses. Tullymore offers a superb golf resort experience in the heart of Michigan by fusing top-notch golfing with opulent lodging.

10. Greywalls at Marquette Golf Club (Marquette)

Feature: Striking course with rugged terrain and panoramic views.

Hole: Hole 4 – A par-3 known as “Marquette’s Postcard” with a backdrop of Lake Superior.

Greywalls at Marquette Golf Club in Marquette, Michigan, is a public golf course. Golfers looking for both a challenge and beauty will enjoy Greywalls’ challenging course and breathtaking vistas of Lake Superior.

11. The Loop at Forest Dunes Golf Club (Roscommon)

Feature: Innovative reversible course offering two unique layouts.

Hole: Hole 1 (Black Loop) – A par-4 featuring a blind tee shot and strategic bunkering.

The Loop at Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon, Michigan, is a public golf course. The Loop is a distinctive reversible course that offers golfers two unique layouts for a different playing experience each time.

12. Indianwood Golf & Country Club (Lake Orion)

Feature: Classic club with a rich history and championship heritage.

Hole: Hole 14 (Old Course) – A challenging par-4 with a narrow fairway and undulating green.

Indianwood is a private club known for its traditional championship courses that offer a prestigious golfing environment.

13. Stoatin Brae Golf Club (Williamsburg)

Feature: Picturesque links-style course with stunning vistas.

Hole: Hole 6 – A par-4 with a dramatic elevated tee offering panoramic views of Grand Traverse Bay.

The Stoatin Brae Golf Club in Williamsburg, Michigan, is a public golf course. The links-style course at Stoatin Brae offers sweeping vistas of Grand Traverse Bay while sitting atop tall dunes.

14. Pilgrim’s Run Golf Club (Mesick)

Feature: Pristine public course nestled in a natural setting.

Hole: Hole 13 – A par-4 with a picturesque elevated green and water coming into play.

The difficult layout of this public course is nestled within the tranquil splendor of Northern Michigan’s woodlands.

15. The Golf Club at Harbor Shores (Benton Harbor)

Feature: Host of prestigious tournaments with a scenic lakeside location.

Hole: Hole 7 – A challenging par-3 with Lake Michigan as the backdrop.

The Golf Club at Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor, Michigan, is a semi-private golf course. Jack Nicklaus created Harbor Shores, which blends championship golf with a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan.

16. Orchard Lake Country Club (Orchard Lake)

Feature: Private club with a classic design and serene setting.

Hole: Hole 18 – A par-5 finishing hole with a water hazard that demands strategic play.

Orchard Lake Country Club provides a conventional private club experience with immaculately kept green spaces.

17. Point O’ Woods Golf & Country Club (Benton Harbor)

Feature: Exclusive club with a challenging layout and lush fairways.

Hole: Hole 12 – A par-3 with water guarding the green, requiring precision and nerve.

Known for its championship golf holes and illustrious golfing past, Point O’ Woods is a prominent private club.

18. Belvedere (Charlevoix)

Feature: Historic course designed by renowned architect William Watson.

Hole: Hole 10 – A par-3 known as “Shorty” with a deceptive green complex.

The Belvedere Golf Club in Charlevoix, Michigan, is a private golf course. Belvedere, located in the lovely Charlevoix region, offers a traditional golfing experience with tree-lined fairways and picturesque views, making it a must-play for golfers seeking natural beauty and a difficult layout.

19. Detroit GC — South (Detroit)

Feature: Private club with two classic courses in the heart of Detroit.

Hole: Hole 16 – A par-4 with a challenging dogleg and strategically placed bunkers.

Detroit Golf Club – South Course in Detroit, Michigan, is a private golf course. The South course, which is a part of the storied Detroit Golf Club, mixes a strong legacy with cutting-edge golfing prowess. Discover championship-caliber greens and a perfectly maintained layout right in the middle of Detroit.

20. Barton Hills (Ann Arbor)

Feature: Private club offering a challenging yet scenic layout.

Hole: Hole 8 – A par-4 with a fairway that narrows as it approaches the green.

Barton Hills Golf Course in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a private golf course. Barton Hills offers a luxurious golfing resort and is situated in the energetic metropolis of Ann Arbor. Enjoy a tranquil round between gentle slopes, verdant greens, and a course that requires tactical shot-making.

21. Detroit GC – North (Detroit)

Feature: Historic club with a traditional layout.

Hole: Hole 4 – A par-3 with a small green and well-placed bunkers.

The Detroit Golf Club – North course in Detroit, Michigan, is a private golf course. With distinctive obstacles and a gorgeous setting, the North course at Detroit Golf Club provides a nice contrast to its South cousin. Golfers can anticipate a mix of elegant design and thrilling playing experiences.

22. Meadowbrook (Northville)

Feature: Private club with a traditional parkland design.

Hole: Hole 5 – A par-4 with a tree-lined fairway and strategic bunkering.

Meadowbrook in Northville, Michigan, is a private golf course. A beautiful and charming golfing experience is what Meadowbrook in Northville provides. Golfers may relax and really enjoy the game here thanks to the peaceful surroundings and well-designed course.

23. Franklin Hills (Franklin)

Feature: The private club is known for its classic architecture and challenging layout.

Hole: Hole 11 – A par-4 with a sloping fairway and well-guarded green.

Franklin Hills Golf Course in Franklin, Michigan, is a private golf course. The Franklin Hills Golf Club features a stunning, classic design that has endured the test of time. Golfers can enjoy the club’s lengthy history and its capacity to offer both a difficult test and a picturesque retreat.

24. Meadowbrook (Northville)

Feature: Private club with a classic design and mature trees.

Hole: Hole 13 – A par-3 with a picturesque pond in front of the green.

The Northville Meadowbrook, the second Meadowbrook on our list, promises a distinctive golfing experience. Golfers eager to try new things will find variety and challenges on this course’s layout, which differs from that of its namesake.

Meadowbrook in Northville, Michigan, is a private golf course. These Michigan golf courses each have a unique personality that appeals to golfers wishing to experience the state’s wide range of amenities, from traditional elegance to cutting-edge challenges.

Golfing in Michigan: Tips for a Great Time

With its abundance of golf courses and other attractions, Michigan is the perfect place to go on a golf vacation. The following advice will help you arrange your golf trip:

Choose the Right Time: The finest golfing weather is in the summer, but spring and fall can be less expensive and congested.

Select Your Region: Research the different golfing areas in Michigan and pick the one that best suits your preferences. There are diamonds all around the state, but the northwest is known for having the best courses.

Accommodations: Whether staying in a hotel, resort, or vacation rental, make reservations in advance.

Plan Activities: In addition to golf, Michigan has a wide range of other attractions, such as historical sites, retail stores, and outdoor activities. To get the most out of your trip, prepare an itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many golf courses are there in Michigan?

Michigan is home to over 800 golf courses, offering a wide range of options for golfers of all skill levels and preferences.

2. When is the best time to golf in Michigan?

The best time to golf in Michigan is during the summer months (May to September) when the weather is warm and sunny. Spring and fall also provide good golfing weather, often with fewer crowds.

3. Are there dress codes at Michigan golf courses?

Many golf courses in Michigan have dress codes, which typically require collared shirts, proper golf attire, and soft-spiked golf shoes. It’s advisable to check the specific dress code of the course you plan to visit.

4. What should I do to secure tee times at popular Michigan golf courses?

To secure tee times at popular courses, especially during peak seasons, it’s essential to book well in advance. Most courses have online booking systems, so check their websites for availability.

5. How can I prepare for Michigan’s unpredictable weather while golfing?

Michigan weather can vary, so it’s advisable to bring layers of clothing, including rain gear, windbreakers, and extra clothing for colder days. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a hat for sunny days as well.


Michigan is unquestionably a golfer’s paradise, with more than 800 golf courses to fit every golfer’s preferences. Michigan offers a varied and enthralling golfing experience, from prominent private clubs to well-liked public courses. The state’s top golf courses, including Crystal Downs, Oakland Hills, Arcadia Bluffs, Kingsley Club, and Lost Dunes, highlight the sport’s brilliance. Each one has its own special appeal and difficulties.

Plan beforehand if you want to enjoy Michigan’s golfing to the fullest. Given the popularity of many courses, particularly during the busiest seasons, scheduling tee times in advance is essential. Respect the dress codes, be ready for changing weather, and drink enough of water while playing your round. The most essential thing is to enjoy the occasion and golf’s fun.

If you’re thinking about taking a golf trip to Michigan, be sure to pick the appropriate season, area, and lodgings for your needs. Michigan provides a wide choice of sights and activities outside golf to improve your whole experience, including visiting museums and going on outdoor excursions.

Michigan’s golfing terrain offers something to offer everyone, whether you’re a serious golfer looking for the ultimate challenge or someone looking for a relaxing game amidst breathtaking scenery. Plan your trip, tee off, and enjoy Michigan’s stunning golfing landscape.

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