20 Best Golf Courses In Colorado (Find Perfect Course Now)

Best Golf Courses In Colorado

Looking for the best golf courses in Colorado? The Centennial State offers more than just stunning mountains and ski slopes—it’s a paradise for golfers too! With an array of top-tier courses, from the vibrant greens in Boulder to the panoramic vistas of the Rockies, Colorado’s golf scene is unmatched. Whether you’re seeking the best public golf courses in Colorado to tee off with friends or the exclusivity of the best private golf courses in Colorado, there’s something for every golfer.

From the dynamic layouts in Colorado Springs to the pristine fairways in Denver, and all the way to the northern reaches, the golf courses here promise memorable experiences. Get ready to discover your new favorite spot to swing your club in the heart of the American West!

Best Golf Courses In Colorado For You

1. Castle Pines Golf Club

Feature: Castle Pines is renowned for its challenging elevation changes and meticulously manicured greens.

Hole: The 4th hole, a par-4 challenge, captivates golfers with its strategic bunkering and stunning mountain backdrop.

Type: Private Golf Course.

It’s a pinnacle of luxury among the best private golf courses in Colorado, Castle Pines Golf Club delivers an unmatched golfing experience. The club’s layout is a masterpiece, weaving through towering pines and exploiting the rugged Colorado terrain to enhance the natural beauty of each shot. Here, golfers are invited to enjoy not only the game but also the exclusive atmosphere and top-notch facilities that complement the breathtaking scenery of the Rockies. The staff’s attention to detail ensures that every visit is as memorable as the club’s signature holes.

2. Ballyneal Golf Club

Feature: The undulating fairways and wild grasses at Ballyneal challenge golfers to adapt to the natural elements.

Hole: The 7th hole, a lengthy par-5, is a testament to the course’s integration with the native landscape, featuring a split fairway that tempts golfers to take risks.

Type: Private Golf Course.

Ballyneal Golf Club stands out as one of the best golf course communities in Colorado, where the timeless essence of the game is revered. This course, set amongst the chop hills, is a canvas of natural beauty, offering golfers the rare opportunity to engage with the game in its most fundamental form. The holes are strategically designed to present a variety of angles and approaches, encouraging players to use their full array of shots. With no artificial boundaries, each round at Ballyneal is as unique as the landscape it’s built upon, promising a pure and authentic golfing adventure every time.

3. Red Sky Ranch Golf Club

Feature: Red Sky Ranch offers two distinctive courses with panoramic views of the Vail Valley.

Hole: The 6th hole on the Fazio Course is a highlight, featuring a dramatic drop from tee to green against a mountainous backdrop.

Type: Private Golf Course.

At Red Sky Ranch Golf Club, golfers find themselves amidst the grandeur of the Rockies, making it one of the best mountain golf courses in Colorado. With courses designed by famed architects Fazio and Norman, each round promises diversity and challenge. The club prides itself on its harmonious blend of natural landscape and golfing excellence. The wildlife corridors and trout-filled ponds add an element of serene wilderness to the high-altitude golfing experience, creating memories that last long after the final putt.

4. The River Course At Keystone

Feature: This course is characterized by its impressive elevation changes and the beautiful Snake River which meanders through.

Hole: The par-3 16th hole is particularly memorable, offering golfers a chance to tee off across a lake to a green surrounded by nature’s splendor.

Type: Public Golf Course.

The River Course At Keystone is celebrated as one of the best public golf courses in Colorado. It captures the spirit of the Rocky Mountains with a layout that’s both accessible and exhilarating. Golfers of all skill levels will appreciate the strategic bunkering and the variety of holes that challenge both the mind and the swing. The course’s commitment to environmental stewardship is evident, with native vegetation and wildlife being an integral part of the experience. Here, every shot is accompanied by the sound of the river and the awe-inspiring vistas of the surrounding peaks.

5. The Ridge At Castle Pines North

Feature: The Ridge offers a picturesque mountain setting with generous fairways framed by native pines and scrub oak.

Hole: The 18th hole is a challenging par-5 finale, requiring a strategic approach to avoid the natural creek that cuts across the fairway.

Type: Public Golf Course.

The Ridge at Castle Pines North stands out as one of the best public golf courses in Denver, Colorado. It’s a place where stunning vistas meet daily-fee golf, and each hole feels like a private escape. The course caters to players seeking a high-caliber golf experience without the exclusivity of private club membership. Meticulously crafted, The Ridge is a testament to the splendor of the Colorado landscape, with each swing providing a mountain view and a chance to spot wildlife.

6. Breckenridge Golf Club

Feature: Breckenridge Golf Club’s claim to fame is its Jack Nicklaus-designed 27-hole layout, set at an elevation where golf balls fly further.

Hole: The Bear’s 9th hole is particularly impressive, offering a dramatic finish with views of the Tenmile Range.

Type: Public Golf Course.

As one of the best public golf courses in Vail, Colorado, Golf Breckenridge Colorado brings an unrivaled high-altitude golfing experience. The thin mountain air not only adds distance to your drive but also brings crisp clarity to the alpine views. Each of the three nine-hole courses here presents its unique challenges, with the Nicklaus touch evident in the strategic layout and pristine conditions. The welcoming atmosphere makes it a destination where every golfer, regardless of skill level, can enjoy the essence of mountain golf.

7. Park Hill Golf Club

Feature: Park Hill offers wide-open fairways and a classic design that has stood the test of time since its opening.

Hole: The signature 2nd hole is a challenge, featuring strategic bunkering and a green that demands a precise approach shot.

Type: Public Golf Course.

Park Hill Golf Club holds its place as a slice of Denver’s golf history. It’s a course that boasts simplicity and accessibility, making it one of the best public golf courses in Denver, Colorado. Families and friends gather here to enjoy leisurely rounds and improve their game. Its straightforward layout ensures golfers can focus on the pure enjoyment of the game against the backdrop of the Colorado skyline. Moreover, its welcoming environment makes every visitor feel like a regular.

8. Raven Golf Club At Three Peaks

Feature: Known for its lush rolling fairways and impeccable greens, Raven Golf Club integrates seamlessly with the native landscape.

Hole: The 9th hole, a stunning par-3, offers a serene pond fronting the green and a backdrop of towering pines.

Type: Public Golf Course.

The Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks is renowned for being among the best mountain golf courses in Colorado. It’s a place where the play is as magnificent as the views. This course provides an unmatched mountain golf experience, with strategic layouts that navigate through aspen groves, along rivers, and across tranquil ponds. The attention to preserving the natural environment makes for an unforgettable round, as golfers engage with the wildlife and splendor of the Rockies. It’s not just a game here; it’s an immersion in nature’s grandeur.

9. The Club At Ravenna – Colorado Golf Club

Feature: Ravenna is a secluded retreat offering elevation changes and stunning red rock formations.

Hole: The 15th hole is a par-3 masterpiece, requiring a tee shot over a ravine with breathtaking views of the Dakota Hogback.

Type: Private Golf Course.

The Club at Ravenna is more than a golf course; it’s a sanctuary set against the dramatic landscapes of the Colorado foothills. As a jewel among the best private golf courses in Colorado, Ravenna offers a golfing experience that is both intimate and grandiose. The course layout is a strategic blend of challenge and playability, winding through the serene beauty of the Pike National Forest. The club’s luxurious amenities and attentive service complement the peaceful and private atmosphere, making every round a tranquil escape from the ordinary.

10. Pole Creek Golf Club

Feature: Pole Creek’s 27-hole course is lauded for its panoramic mountain views and wildflower-studded meadows.

Hole: Look out for the Ridge Course’s 5th hole, a challenging par-4 where precision is key to navigating the sloping fairway.

Type: Public Golf Course.

Pole Creek Golf Club is where golf enthusiasts come to indulge in one of the best public golf courses in Colorado. Nestled in the heart of Grand County, this course captivates with its diverse terrain and stunning vistas of the Continental Divide. Each of the three 9-hole courses presents a unique adventure, with natural wetlands, dense forests, and meandering streams. The well-maintained fairways and greens offer a high-quality round for golfers of all levels, while the friendly atmosphere ensures a warm welcome to all who visit.

11. Sanctuary Golf Course Colorado

Feature: Sanctuary is known for its elevation changes and stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.

Hole: The dramatic par-5 13th hole is a standout, presenting an elevated tee shot and a fairway that meanders towards a well-guarded green.

Type: Private Golf Course.

Sanctuary Golf Course Colorado is aptly named, offering an exclusive golfing experience that feels like a retreat from the outside world. As one of the best private golf courses in Colorado, it’s an enclave where every hole provides a sense of isolation and scenic beauty. The course’s layout pays homage to the natural terrain, incorporating rocky outcroppings and native vegetation. Golfers here are treated to a round that is as much a nature walk as it is a game, with each stroke offering a new perspective on Colorado’s splendor.

12. Meridian Golf Club

Feature: Meridian is a classic parkland course with rolling fairways and mature trees lining each hole.

Hole: The par-4 7th hole is especially memorable for its demanding tee shot and the creek that comes into play just before the green.

Type: Private Golf Course.

The Meridian Golf Club provides an oasis of golfing excellence, nestled within the bustling region of Denver. Regarded as one of the best private golf courses in Colorado, Meridian’s meticulously maintained greens are a testament to the game’s timeless traditions. The club’s layout is thoughtfully designed to challenge seasoned players while remaining enjoyable for newcomers. With a welcoming clubhouse and a community of passionate golfers, it’s a place where the spirit of the game lives on, fostering camaraderie and the pursuit of golfing perfection.

13. The Glacier Club

Feature: The Glacier Club is renowned for its challenging terrain and impeccable course conditions amidst the San Juan Mountains.

Hole: The signature 3rd hole on the Mountain Course offers a strategic par-4, with a fairway sloping towards a well-bunkered green.

Type: Private Golf Course.

The Glacier Club stands out as an alpine paradise, a beacon among the best golf course communities in Colorado. This private haven is designed to blend into its mountain surroundings, offering its members a golfing experience that’s both luxurious and natural. The varied elevations across the course provide golfers with an invigorating challenge, complemented by breathtaking vistas at every turn. It’s not just a golf club; it’s a lifestyle, where every detail from the course to the clubhouse exudes exclusivity and excellence.

14. The Club At Flying Horse

Feature: This course dazzles with its magnificent layout by the renowned designer, Tom Weiskopf, and its striking views of the Front Range.

Hole: The 9th hole, a par-3, is a gem that tests both skill and strategy, with a green that demands precision.

Type: Private Golf Course.

Nestled in the northern reaches of Colorado Springs, The Club at Flying Horse offers an enclave of luxury and refinement, ranking it among the best golf courses in Colorado Springs. The meticulously groomed fairways and greens complement the elegant European-style clubhouse and athletic facilities. Here, members are privy to a world-class golfing experience where social events and family activities are as much a part of the club as the immaculate golf course itself. It’s a place where every round is a chance to play amongst the clouds, with the course ascending into the Colorado sky.

15. Lake Valley Golf Club

Feature: Lake Valley is celebrated for its scenic layout, featuring rolling hills and sparkling lakes.

Hole: The memorable 16th hole, a risk-reward par-4, allows for an eagle opportunity but requires a daring drive over water.

Type: Private Golf Course.

Lake Valley Golf Club is a private sanctuary that ranks among the best golf courses in Boulder, Colorado. The course is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and golfing challenge, with water hazards and elevation changes that make each round thrilling. Members appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere and the focus on golf traditions, fostering a community that cherishes the game. The panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains add to the allure, making Lake Valley a cherished spot for golfers seeking serenity and exclusivity.

16. Country Club Of Colorado

Feature: With its championship-level design and picturesque layout around Cheyenne Mountain’s Lake, this club offers both beauty and rigor.

Hole: The signature 17th hole is a stunning par-3 where club selection is key to mastering the prevailing winds and securing a birdie.

Type: Private Golf Course.

As part of the best golf course communities in Colorado, the Country Club of Colorado encapsulates luxury golfing within a resort-style setting. Here, members can revel in a full spectrum of amenities, including tennis, swimming, and fine dining, alongside a Pete Dye-designed golf course. The course itself is a testament to the beauty of Colorado Springs, with lush fairways and strategic bunkering that challenge golfers of all skill levels. Its family-oriented ethos makes it a hub for golfers looking to improve their game in a picturesque and supportive environment.

17. Fort Collins Country Club

Feature: This course shines with its diverse mix of challenging holes and meticulously groomed fairways.

Hole: The 7th hole, a long par-5, tempts golfers to reach in two but requires navigating water and sand for a shot at birdie.

Type: Private Golf Course.

The Fort Collins Country Club is a treasure among the best golf courses in Northern Colorado, offering an exclusive atmosphere where members can savor the game’s essence. The course layout is masterfully designed, providing a balanced test for golfers with varied skill sets. It prides itself on a family-friendly environment where junior programs and social activities are as vibrant as the golf itself. The club’s commitment to preserving the sport’s integrity and fostering community makes every round an experience to cherish.

18. Blackstone Country Club

Feature: Blackstone is enticed with its breathtaking vistas and a course design that balances playability with sophistication.

Hole: The 14th hole, a challenging par-3, showcases an elevated tee box that offers a strategic test to golfers aiming for par.

Type: Private Golf Course.

At Blackstone Country Club, members enjoy one of the best private golf courses in Denver, Colorado, marked by its serene setting and first-rate facilities. The club provides a haven for avid golfers, featuring a layout that weaves through natural terrain, offering varied challenges that cater to strategic play. The elegance of the clubhouse and the warmth of the community mirror the beauty of the course, making Blackstone a locale where the grandeur of golf and the camaraderie of the club converge.

19. The Ranch Country Club

Feature: At The Ranch Country Club, golfers enjoy a course that’s been beautifully updated to match today’s play standards while preserving its classic appeal.

Hole: The 8th hole, a dynamic par-3, features a sloped green that challenges golfers to use their best-putting skills.

Type: Private Golf Course.

Nestled in the best golf courses in northern Colorado, The Ranch Country Club presents a blend of picturesque landscapes and modern facilities. This private gem offers a challenging yet fair test of golf across its 18 holes, with water coming into play on several key shots. Families and golf aficionados alike appreciate the club’s commitment to fostering a warm, welcoming environment, complete with tennis, swimming, and social events, making it a community centerpiece as much as a golfing destination.

20. Cherry Creek Country Club‎

Feature: Cherry Creek boasts a Nicklaus-designed course that artfully incorporates water features and meticulous landscaping.

Hole: Golfers often remember the 17th hole, a par-4 with a creek guarding the approach, as one of the course’s most strategic and scenic.

Type: Private Golf Course.

Among the best golf courses in Denver, Colorado, Cherry Creek Country Club‎ stands out with its lush fairways and exceptional course conditions. The club’s ambiance exudes exclusivity and luxury, with a course that demands precision and rewards thoughtful play. Members can indulge in a full suite of amenities and services, from spa treatments to gourmet dining, elevating the golfing experience to one of pure indulgence. It’s a sanctuary for those who appreciate the finer aspects of the golf lifestyle, set within a stunning, natural oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How many golf courses are in Colorado?

Ans: Colorado boasts over 300 golf courses, offering diverse playing experiences across the state.

2- How much does it cost to join Fort Collins Country Club?

Ans:  Membership costs at Fort Collins Country Club vary; you should contact the club directly for the most current fee structure. Initially, it’s $5,000-$9,000; DUES: $440/mo. 

3- How do you qualify for the Colorado Open golf?

Ans: To qualify for the Colorado Open, golfers typically need to play in qualifying events or meet exemption criteria based on their playing status.

4- How many disc golf courses are there in Colorado?

Ans: There are over 300 disc golf courses in Colorado, catering to a range of skill levels and scenic preferences.

5- Can you golf year-round in Colorado?

Ans: Yes, you can golf year-round in Colorado, although course availability may vary in winter due to weather conditions.

Key Takeaways

Colorado’s golf courses are as varied as they are spectacular. From the lush, rolling fairways of the front range to the dramatic elevation changes of the mountain layouts, there’s a course to suit every golfer’s taste. Whether you’re after the best golf courses in Colorado Springs or looking to play the top-ranked greens in Denver, the options are endless. Each club offers a unique blend of natural beauty and golfing challenge, solidifying Colorado as a premier golf destination.

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